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Picture A Story ~contest entry~ winner~ 1st place Dec, 2015 " Hook Me"
Picture A Story Contest: word ct. 890
by: DW

From a Crow's Eye

Seventeen years ago Amarley Taylor was kidnapped while at the park with her mother Catherine. Amarley was just a toddler then and it devastated her mother and father. Catherine was asked for samples of her hair from her hairbrush in case she is ever found, for comparisons should they need them. The police detectives had done everything possible to try to find her, but as the years passed, the case grew cold and forgotten. She was presumed murdered, but her body was never found. Little did anyone know, Amarley is still alive and has been living in a basement prison with nothing but a ragged old mattress with dirty blankets and a pillow.

John Gibbons, is a well-respected man in the community he is on the city council board for many years now. He even helped the community that helped the police look for the missing child long ago. A Retired Realtor, he knew the housing area pretty well.
He lives in a very large beautiful home for a single man. It sits on top of Hill Canyon Road in the same town Amarley lived when she was taken.

She could not remember what her parents looked like or anyone else. As she grew older, her kidnapper began abusing her by beating her with a horsewhip when she refused him in any way. Especially when he tried to have sex with her and she would fight back, then he would punch her or slap her so hard it would knock her out giving him long chance to rape her repeatedly without a fight. She became his personal prisoner.

Amarley knew this life was not right, but it became her norm, until one day a black crow heard her cries for help. He flew down to a small barred window high above where the basement roof meets the ground. He peeks in and sees a girl, alone sitting on the floor. She begins her cries for help, but then he fly's away. Then one day the crow dropped some worms to her through the window thinking she was in need of food, then the next day the crow flew in and landed closer to Amarley. She was frightened at first by the crow, then he began visiting Amarley more often. She named him Blacky because he was a blackbird and she knew of nothing else to call him.

Every year during the Christmas seasons John Gibbons always sent invitations out to the wealthy VIP in the community which included Amarley's parents. It made him feel more powerful to have her parents there, in his home. He always gave them his condolences, even though it caused her parents to think and wonder where their little girl still is?

As spring approached Blacky continued coming back for visits with Amarley. She soon thought of an idea to hopefully be free when he returned, and he did. She gained his friendship in hopes he could help free her from her prison. Her idea was to tie something around the crow's leg that someone would find. But, what? She had nothing from her past that belonged to her. Except for her own hair!
So she pulled out a handful of hair from the back of her head and tied it to Blacky's leg with strips of cloth she ripped from her clothes and prayed as she asked the crow to fly around outside of these walls and find someone, anyone!

It took several attempts for Blacky to fulfill her request. When a young man saw the crow land in his yard with something tangled on its leg. He approached the crow slowly to get a better look at it, then as Blacky flew away it fell off and the man picked it up. He seen that it was human hair tied to some ripped cloth, he wondered who's hair it was and why was it tied to a crow's leg? It had to mean something!

That's when he took the hair and cloth to the police station. He explained how he'd seen it tied on the crow's leg before it flew away. The police figured this was done purposely, but why and whose hair is it? They sent it out to be analyzed for any possible DNA.

When it came back it was determined that it belonged to the child Amarley Taylor when it was compared to her baby hair from seventeen years ago. A detective who knew about the missing child reopened the case once again; looking for any clues to find her or her body.

He questioned the young man who turned it in and asked to go to his yard to look for more clues.
But there was nothing there.
He asked the young man to call if he sees the crow again. "I have to find that crow. I know it's a long shot, but it 's all we have to go on." Said, Detective Williams.

Will he ever find the crow? And if so, will it be too late to save Amarley?
The detective is on the hunt for that bird. Will he find Amarley Taylor alive? Or will she be imprisoned in the basement of John Gibbon's home forever? Only 'From A Crows Eye' will tell them everything!
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