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A couple aliens argue about whether or not humans exist.
         “You seriously believe that humans exist?” I chuckled. “Sorry, Zonk, but only crazy scientists from centuries ago believe that.”

         “It could be true, Quixal,” pleaded Zonk. “Think about it. You know those aliens that went out into space a few years ago?”

         “Yeah,” I answered. “They went to the planet Meza and then came back. They found out that Meza was a dry empty planet.”

         “Yes, but that’s not all,” said Zonk. “You know what they also found out while they were out there?”

         “That going to outer space is useless?”

         “No!” exclaimed Zonk. “On one of their scanners, there was a faint signal of life!”

         “What?” I laughed. “Where did you hear that?”

         “My uncle!” said Zonk. “His doctor’s nephew’s dentist’s best friend’s teacher’s brother was one of the people coordinating the mission. My uncle said that they found a signal of life.”

         “Come on, Zonk. The story could have easily changed through all of those aliens. Even if it was true, it was only on one of the scanners.”

         “But there’s mo—”

         Suddenly Zonk was cut off by a high-pitched sound from above. We both lifted our eyes to the sky and saw something screaming straight towards us. Frantically, we both dove out of the way.

         The object streaked past us, exploded, and ruined the grassy carpet of the ground. I slowly looked up and saw smoke trailing from it.

         “Did you see that?!” cried Zonk, his five eyes bulging. “It was something from outer space!”

         Shaking my head, I slowly approached the object. It was a little brown box.

         “Open it!” urged Zonk.

         I opened it. Inside, there were two objects – a little book and a small rope. I gasped when I saw the title of the book.

         “An Extensive Guide on Why Aliens Don’t Exist”.
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