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a list of characters to be found in the interactive Daven's Port

This is the Daven's Port Census, a list of characters found in the titular expansive interactive. Everyone on this list either lives, is visiting, or turns up otherwise in the city of Daven's Port, ready for Dakota and the rest of the cast to interact with.

Daven's Port  [E]
Dakota moves to a new town, where she finds herself and her friends getting bigger...
by Bobo the Hobo

For a more comprehensive list of characters, as well as the continued history of locals and tourists in this item that take place after the events of this interactive, please refer to the BCU Character Bible.

 the BCU Character Bible  [E]
a dramatis personae of characters from Buttercombe, Super-Sized, Daven's Port, and more...
by Bobo the Hobo

Due to the contributor-driven nature of the story, character depictions are somewhat subjective. Traits and attitudes listed below are simply a more definitive source of character description for those looking to add or read more easily. If you feel that we have missed a character of great importance, or would like to see someone listed that isn't, please message the author on his writing.com account.



listed below are the characters and core members of the Johnson family. Anyone related to Dakota will be listed here.

Dakota Johnson—
main protagonist

The main heroine of our story. Dakota and her family move to Daven's Port one month before the start of the story, following her father's promotion within the DynaCorp family. Dakota just graduated high school, but any plans that she had made for herself were put on hold after the big move. She's spent her first month or so moping around the house, and has only made two new friends at the start of our story. Only time will tell if she'll come to think of Daven's Port as her new home.

Dakota begins the story as an all-around average girl with shoulder-length brown hair and a modest figure.

Patrick Johnson—
ceo of daven's port dynacorp branch, dakota's father

The catalyst for the big move and an up-and-comer around the city. Dakota's father is more or less a good man who wants to do right by his family; although he buries his head in his work, and often doesn't see the effects that some of his decisions have on those around him. Case in point, moving to Daven's Port without considering how Dakota might feel about it. Despite his faults, Patrick loves his family and would do anything to ensure that they are taken care of and are comfortable.

Patrick is a shorter man, with dark red hair and a goatee. Years at a desk job have left him a bit paunchy.

Hannah Johnson—
johnson family matriarch, currently unemployed

Dakota's mother and an aspiring career woman. Mrs. Johnson is something of a super-woman; before the move she held down a steady job and managed to rear two kids without much fuss while Patrick toiled away in middle management. After the move though, her attentions have been turned away from her career and more towards making sure that her kids are taking their new environment well; particularly Dakota. She tends to obsess over things, and can be somewhat overbearing. But it's no secret that she puts family first, one of the many reasons she and Patrick get along.

Hannah is a tall woman who looks a lot like Dakota. She has a motherly figure, and reassures her daughter that in time she will have the same.

Kenny Johnson—
dakota's younger brother

Kenny came after Dakota, and is pretty much the baby of the family. Despite the fact that he's going into high school, his family still tends to treat him like he's the useless little brother who can't do anything for himself. Somewhat sheltered, Kenny still hasn't quite grown out of the "annoying younger brother" stage of his development, despite his entrance into puberty. He's not a bad kid, or even particularly bothersome, but he can get under Dakota's skin like no one else can.

Kenny takes after his father, starting off our story as a short redhead with freckles. His hobby of online gaming has left him with an unathletic build.


these are characters that are outside of the main Johnson family, but play an important role in Dakota's life.
organized alphabetically by first name

Jean-Claude Moreau—
assistant manager of la bonne boulangerie, maggie's older brother

Jean-Claude is Maggie's dreamy older brother by several years, and is impeccably handsome with a passion for baking. He wishes to follow in his father's footsteps, and hopes to one day open up his own bakery. Jean-Claude is French-born, but has been thoroughly Americanized after spending most of his life in Daven's Port. That being said, he retains a strong accent and shares his father's traditional sensibilities. Jean-Claude is the object of many girls' affections, having acquired a reputation as something of a lady's man.

Jean-Claude starts as a tall, sandy-haired man with a thin build.

Maggie Moreau—
daughter of a pastry chef, first-generation american

Maggie is a sweet girl who knows Piper. She works at La Bonne Boulangerie, a French pastry shop owned by her family. She's spent most of her life being somewhat sheltered, and while she isn't exactly excited about working with her brother, she definitely enjoys the benefits of working at a bakery. Maggie is the first in her family to actually be born in America, and the only one lacking the distinctive French accent present in the rest of the Moreaus.

Maggie begins our story having recently begun to put on weight, with sandy blonde curls and thick-rimmed glasses.

Madi Pines—
works at d's donuts, model employee

Madi is a girl who goes to school with Zack, and is rumored to have something of a crush on him. She works at D's Donuts & Malts, and is swiftly in line for a promotion if she keeps up all the stellar work. Outside of the donut shop, Madi can be found at libraries and other quiet areas. She's gotten a bit bigger since she started working at D's, but has always been pleasantly plump.

Madi starts out as a big-bellied girl with black hair and a penchant for sweatshirts

Monica Wade—
well-connected, naif

Monica Wade is the daughter of the assistant to the mayor of Daven's Port, and as such, she's not exactly going without. She's a plump little thing, with a penchant for stress-eating and boredom snacking, but has the best heart. She's shy, but Monica really just wants to rub elbows with people who aren't the sons and daughters of important business tycoons whom she gets roped into hanging out with. She's too old for arranged playdates! But that being said, should one find themselves hanging out with Monica, they might find themselves privvy to the same benefits that she recieves from the various minor celebrities around Daven's Port, soo... score?

Monica begins as a big girl, with long blonde hair and an embarssingly big belly...

Piper Black—
one of dakota's first friends, from the wrong side of the tracks

Piper and Dakota met while she was hiding out from some "friends" in the alley behind Piper's house. Ever since then, they've become fast friends. Most would say, thanks to her natural greed and penchant for getting into trouble, that she's nothing but a bad influence on Dakota. But the truth is, Piper really cares for her new friend. It's just that she usually has a funny way of showing it. Piper's much more adventurous than either Dakota or Zack, owing to her less-than-stellar home life, and is always looking for some new adventure or sensation.

Piper starts off as a girl taller than Dakota, with long black hair and a stacked chest.

Terumi Yeng—
honorable granddaughter of mr. yeng, spoiled sweet

Terumi is the granddaugher to one of the most up-and-coming business tycoons in the city, and has a twin brother in Tetsuko. Where her brother is more active, Terumi tends to be far more passive and bookish by nature. She spends a lot of time in the library, and is studying to become a lawyer. Unlike her brother, Terumi is far more empathetic and sweet-natured than most people; especially given her wealthy status.

Terumi begins our story as a svelte but gorgeous girl, with very little in the ways of a figure.

Tetsuko Yeng—
heir to the yeng company, honorable grandson of mr. yeng

Tetsuko is named for his grandfather. His name means "iron boy", and boy does he do his best to live up to its meaning. He is far more assertive than his sister Terumi, and spends a lot of time studying and running on the track. He's an aspiring tycoon, and does his best to not only live up to his grandfather's high expectations of him, but the ones he holds for himself. Tetsuko has something of an attitude about him, but whether that's because of his sizeable inheritance or caused by it, that's up for you to decide...

Tetsuko starts out as a slender, handsome man with a lean athletic figure and dark black hair.

Zack Tyler—
one of dakota's first friends, high school senior

Zack was one of the first people that Dakota met when she moved to Daven's Port, having the kindness (and courage) to try and make her feel more at home with her new surroundings. He's a naturally sweet kid who is rumored to have something of a rough home life. He lives next to Dakota in an old boarding house with the rest of his family. His appetite is through the roof (he's a growing boy, after all!) and the only thing keeping his figure in check is his metabolism. Most see his future becoming very round, but only time will tell if that prediction comes true sooner rather than later...

Zack begins the story as a shorter guy, with soft blonde hair and a slightly athletic build.


Listed below are characters with a more specific purpose. While important to some stories, they may not appear in all.
organized alphabetically by first name

owner of abida's eclectics, refuses to dust

Abida is a Daven's Port native, having come from a long line of wanderers and nomads. Her family was the first in their lineage to settle down, so she naturally has a lot of their treasures saved up and put on display in her shop. She owns an "antique" store comprised mostly of dusty junk, but is very well-versed in the mystical arts. There are many artifacts at her disposal that have at least some magical potency. That being said, she mostly comes across as somewhat goofy and ineffectual. Mostly...

Abida starts out as a large woman in her early forties, with tanned skin and a spherical shape.

Basil Moreau—
proprietor of la bonne boulangerie, dedicated pastry chef

Basil Moreau came to America shortly before his daughter Maggie was born, and has lived in Daven's Port ever since. He spends his time toiling away in the kitchen or behind the counter of his beloved bakery, selling quality goods to the people of the Port. He's very popular, and has published many cookbooks throughout his career. Something of a doting father, he wishes for nothing more than for his children to succeed him and take over his shop.

Basil Moreau is a plump man with a crop of graying black hair and a thin mustache

Bill Griffith—
intrepid reporter, first name in news

Bill Griffith is a reporter for the Daven's Port Bugle, and has a pretty good nose for news. For the most part, anything interesting or otherwise will more or less pass through him before anything's said and done. He takes his job very seriously, and one would be hard-pressed to find him abusing the power of the press at his disposal. However, sticking is nose where it doesn't belong has earned Billy quite a few enemies, even this early into his career. Anyone allying with him might find themselves in a whole heap of trouble...

Bill begins as a lean man, with a short crop of brown hair and a light dusting of stubble on his chin.

Cass Morgan & Marni Smith—
hosts of the kiss102.5 radio show, straight man and funny man respectively

Cass and Marni are two radio hostesses who have come to Daven's Port after being signed on at a new studio. Like Dakota, they're newcomers to the town. They're usually giving away cool prizes if one tunes in at the right time, and always promoting local businesses; not only because it's their job, but because they get all kinds of cool perks for plugging ads around town.

Cass begins as a tall athletically built woman with a large chest and long brown hair
Marni begins as a short and softly built woman with curly brown hair and a big butt

Hannah Hammond—
owner of the port's hammond hotel, best boss ever

Hannah Hammond comes from a prestigious family that owns hotels all over the country. Despite being only a few years older than Dakota and only a simple two-year business degree from Stuffington University to her name, Hannah is the authority for hotels on the East Coast, where her father primarily manages those out west. For the poshness with which she handles her guests, Hannah handles her employees similarly. She has known to have a good report with everyone under her, and will go out of her way to ensure that everyone under her watchful eye is comfortable...

Hannah starts off as thin woman with a killer figure, with a penchant for business suits and pencil skirts.

Janet Grant—
professional product tester, properly(?) paranoid

Janet doesn't like to go outside. She's something of a shut-in, but no one knows exactly why. She gets most of her meals delivered to her, and she keeps up her life of shut-innery by signing on to test various products; be they on the internet or locally delivered. This hasn't leant her any popularity around town, but her status as the local conspiracy theorist certainly doesn't help matters either. If something fishy is going on in town, you'll bet that Janet will be the first one to jump on it... so long as "jump" is in the proverbial sense.

Janet starts out as an overly plump woman with curly black hair and glasses.

Jay Collins—
hipster, cigarette fetishist

Jay is part of Kayla's entourage, most of the time. He has been spotted without her from time to time, but the two are pretty tight. He is a habitual smoker, and not very talkative, but he has a passion for the spoken word and can often be seen at coffee bars and various other outlets that allow him to perform his poetry. He's otherwise very quiet and stony, which some people perceive as inapproachability.

Jay begins as a tall man, with curly red hair, and is somewhat scrawny.

Kayla Lee—
singer-songwriter, life of the party

Kayla Lee is a semi-famous performer and artist, who just so happens to be a Daven's Port native. She's often gone on tour, performing in various stages all across the world, but has been known to come back every now and then for a party at Burly Hurley's. When not performing on big stages in front of lots of people, Kayla has been known to donate her services to various open mic nights in bars across the port, entertaining men and women of all ages with her lovely voice and stellar personality.

Kayla begins as a short woman with a pixie bob, who doesn't have much in the ways of a figure.

Martha Mathers—
trophy wife gone soft

Martha is typically one of those stay-at-home, mani/pedi with the girls, yell at the housekeeping kind of wives. Her husband is a well-to-do sort of man who is a fair bit older than her, and he's in his second marraige. Used to being spoiled and doted on, it didn't take long before Martha began to soften up once she no longer had to gussy up to get the guy. She's still quite a looker, but has settled for a much more domestic style of ravishing.

Martha begins as a busty blonde woman with a bit of a tummy, and a penchant for makeup.


Dina Donahue—
mayor of daven's port, notoriously corrupt

Mayor Dina Donahue loves her job. Not necessarily because she enriches her citizens' lives, though that does play some role in it, but moreso due to the fact that there are so many ways that the various goings-on in town can benefit her financially. She has her long elegant fingers dipped in just about every shady dealing in town, and has been known to take shortcuts with various public services so long as she can gain from it. That being said, she's not heartless. She cares for the people of her city and genuinely wants them to be happy. But with that being said, you'd have to be a fool to trust her as far as you could throw her.

Mayor Donahue starts off as a petite blonde in her late thirties with a plush figure, featuring a full bust and wide hips

Patricia Wade—
world's best assistant

Patricia Wade is Dina Donahue's assistant, but if you'd ask her on most days she felt more like a glorified baby sitter. Between her Mayor's irresponsible behavior and penchant for getting into trouble, Monica finds herself digging her boss out of trouble just as often as she does arranging her meetings and cleaning up after her. There are times, admittedly, when she feels like she could run the mayoral office better than her boss does, and has entertained the idea of running against her. But for the most part, she's just a woman doing her job.

Patricia Wade begins as an overtly round woman, pulling her hair in a tight blonde bun and is incredibly belly-heavy...


Piper Black—
one of dakota's first friends, from the wrong side of the tracks
-for information on Piper, please see her own listing under Friends of the Family

Harper Black—
recently divorced, tired of being pregnant

Harper Black is Piper's mom, and is therefore the source of most of Piper's issues. Or at least, she claims. The two have something of a turblent relationship, mostly stemming from their stressful home life. She and her husband just got through with a nasty divorce, so she's been living off of alimony and whatever else she can scrape together to keep the Black family's heads above water. She's definitely a looker, and her nasty habit of dressing scantily clad sends many a neighbor boy rocketting into puberty. She's just as busty and crass as her daughters, perhaps even moreso since she's become so burdened with her next one...

Harper Black begins our story as a full-figured, big chested woman with curly black hair and bronzed skin

Parker Black—
piper's sister, professional lazy bum

Parker is a few years older than Piper, and lives down the hall. Whereas Piper is more or less good natured, despite her rough edges, Parker very much subverts that trope of the good girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She's pretty lazy, and can't keep a job. Whatever money does come her way will most likely be spent on a night on the town with other friends from high school who never quite grew up.

Parker starts out as a stunningly beautiful woman in her early twenties, with long black hair and a stacked chest


listed below are characters employed or otherwise involved with the shadowy Yeng Corporation. While important to some stories, they may not appear in all.
organized alphabetically by first name

Fukuda Hinamizawa—
supervisor of the yfp divison, yeng's eyes and ears

Fukuda is a soft-spoken woman who has risen through the ranks of the Yeng Corporation through hard work and shrewd business knowledge. Like many Yeng employees, she is of Japanese descent, and has a noticeable accent that many say compliments her sweet, sometimes awkward demeanor. However, do not mistake her kindness for foolishness. Fukuda can (and may, depending on how the story unfolds) cross several lines in the name of her company. No matter the situation, Fukuda will always give 110%.

Fukuda begins as a lithe, somewhat tall woman with a soft but thin figure and a penchant for purple.

Hurley & Yanira Jones-Sanchez—
party pros, old friends of piper's

Hurley and Yanira are a friendly couple who reside in the Dauphin Towers apartments. Their ambitions are small; eat well and be merry, and they like to live it up whenever possible. Hurley is a very hairy, very bearish man and comes from not-so-well-to-do roots, and is a Daven's Port native while Yanira is a first-generation American from Mexico who struggles to stay connected to her roots. Hurley's appetite and Yanira's cooking mean plenty of food to go around for everyone who's interested, including the two of them. When not partying (or working in Hurley's case), both can be found lazing around the house.

Hurley starts as an exceedingly large man with a big belly and a couch-crushing physique.
Yanira begins as a round woman with a rapidly widening hourglass figure.

Tetsuo Yeng—
head of the Yeng Corporation, devoted grandfather

Tetsuo (or rather, Mr. Yeng) is a rather old man from rural Japan. Throughout the years, he has clawwed his way up through the world of business and has surpassed his humble roots. He is a ruthless businessman, but is otherwise (mostly) affable. His company, Yeng, is the crowning achievement in his lifetime and one that he eventually hopes to pass onto his grandchildren. Despite his company's prolific success and all the attention it recieves, he prefers mostly to stay out of the limelight and let his executives speak on his behalf.

Mr. Yeng is a very elderly man, stands at just over five feet tall, and walks with a cane.

Watari Ukai—
mysterious man in black, heir to the now defuct ukai company

Watari's father owned the Ukai-Torque company before it was absorbed into the conglomoration of the Yeng Corporation. He has seen many things in his line of work, the least of which has left him somewhat jaded and unapproachable. He isn't good with first impressions, and may have a tendency to scare some characters away just by the looks of him. He wears sunglasses at most times of the day, inside or out, and has a habit of being blunt. When he isn't being blunt, he comes across as at least moderately creepy. His loyalty to the Yeng Corporation comes and goes.

Watari begins as a shorter man in his late forties, with a trim figure and graying hair.


As it stands, those are all of the established characters to be found in the fair city of Daven's Port. Please remember that, again, most of these descriptions are subject to change according to the authors that are writing them at the time, as well as how the story has progressed so far.This is just a simple guide to help keep things orderly and tight.

If you feel that we have missed any characters from the interactive, and would like to see them posted, please notify the creating author on his on-site e-mail.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay our fair city of Daven's Port.

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