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A draft. I hope that everyone may criticize on this piece. Thank you!
The clouds rides through the ocean sky, the twilight synchronized by getting dimmer and dimmer. I stood there while the strong wind blows until my hair moves backward. The strong gale evaporates my eyeball and I squinted with my eyelids. The collars of my jacket lead way to wind through the excessive heat of my body. Receptors in my skin activates the goosebumps of my body. My fingers collects icing coldness and makes my shiver. I took a glance around the trees and leaning grass, the sucking blackness blurs my sight as drowsiness almost take place. It was like, for me, the director of a film assigned me to take a role in the 1980's. I take some steps forward. Looking around my left and right, where is it? The way I narrate my life now might seemed to confuse you as the details does not explain well. The wisdom I had swore to myself to find it: the quote of my role model. I cried from the pain reaching my eyes. As I put my wrist to rub my eyes, the tickling runs on my eyeball from left to right, giving me the sense of pleasure. I yawned and leak out tears.

My consciousness returns and I wiped off the droplets on my face. The corner of darkness forms a silhouette of a house. I walked towards the direction of the house. Strewn rubbish cracks as I stepped on them. As I walked, the hissing sound of living animals lurks me in my heart. I entered the house. Spider webs are connected to the ceiling of the house. An old table is placed on the center. Antique chairs were rusted and smelly. Squeaking sounds created when I put some pressure on with my foot. In front, I heard a sound of humming and footsteps. I dodged around the floor and hide in the shadow of the table there. The stranger- although that I cannot really say "100%" there was a human- starts to step in from the corridor at the top left corner of the basement. My heart pumps heavy loads of blood and I have to suck in more air for respiration. The weird thing arrives and took a wide scope glance. I fixed my ears well to eavesdrop what that creature speaks. Or what expletives that will blow out from its mouth. Let me explain a little bit of the 'thing's' appearance. Its legs are white and holds a structure of a human-like body. I cannot tell how the face looks like because the table is interfering my sight. It moved nearby to the table,where I was hiding now. One of the chairs is picked up. That creature sits on it and starts to mumble weird language. Not only that,it also sounded gibberish. Every word spoken irritates me. Without caring that I am near an awkward stranger, I kicked the table.

The creature just now that was humming in vain turned to the table. My head goes blank. Because of my arrogance, I ticked that fella's mind. "It" leans backwards and looked down from the table. When the eyes of the creature turns in, I turned my head around. The monster starts humming like nothing happened. An answer came into my head. Perhaps that creature did not notice me as my clothes are black in color. In me, I kinda praise myself for the serendipitous incident. But the story is not the end. That creature still creaks around the table and I was laughing here. Time is going and my consciousness is not high up anymore. Wish that creature will move to another section because by that, I am able to abscond without much worries.
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