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The Dragons’ War


Clark Flammel

Chapter 1
A New Pup

         Come on EmberMoon! My egg is about to hatch, thought TearFire, pacing around the hatching cave. “I’m here, I’m here!” exclaimed EmberMoon, as she burst through the curtain of vines. “Where’s my mate?” said TearFire as she ran over to EmberMoon, “My egg has already started to crack!” “Calm down! He’s on his way.” replied EmberMoon. “Well you could at least tell me what to do!” exclaimed TearFire as she turned around in a large sweeping motion, while smacking EmberMoon in the face with her tail. “Just get rid of the sac around the Pup when it comes out, and you need to breath fire on it within the next thirty seconds of the sac being off, otherwise the pup won’t have The Ember” said EmberMoon with an astonied expression. “Ok, so you’re saying that if I don’t burn my child they won’t be able to breathe fire?” said TearFire with a look of bewilderment. “The pup won’t be burned, they have an immunity to fire, and I can’t breathe fire because my egg-mother didn’t breathe on me…” “Oh, I didn’t realize that…”

         White cracks marred the surface of the egg and slim black stabbed into the gashes. A pink tongue flicked out, tasting fresh air for the first time. The egg rocked and with one titanic heave, the egg split down the sides and the pup spilled onto the floor.

(Credit to Antonia Ryder for the fabulous paragraph above!}

         TearFire cleaned the sack off the Pup, but when she was about to give The Ember to the hatchling, ClawFlame ran through the curtain of vines at full speed and nearly ran into the cavern wall before he could slow down. “I’m here! Did I miss the hatching?” asked ClawFlame, out of breath. “Sadly, yes. You also just ruined the Giving of The Ember.” replied EmberMoon. “The what?” asked ClawFlame. EmberMoon gave out a long huff before replying “The Ember is what gives us our flame. And you just did what MY egg-father did… I was born without a flame.” “Oops, does that mean that the pup can’t become Brood-Leader?” asked ClawFlame looking very much ashamed. “I don’t know, to be frank. A fireless Pup of born of the royal family hasn’t happened before.” EmberMoon replied, much to TearFire and ClawFlame’s dismay, “However, only time will tell.”

         TearFire decided to call the hatchling SkyPup, for she was the most brilliant of blues, with eyes the color of the purest amethyst. Although she was about the size of the average full grown horse she was small even by the standards of other Pups. SkyPup was treated special by everyone except the other Pups. Although they knew it was wrong some wished that her egg hadn't been laid in the first place.

         Perhaps the one who resented SkyPup the most was ThunderPup. He was going to become a Healer's 'Claw. He looked up to EmberMoon as if she was the only reason to live. EmberMoon worked hard to prove that a dragon didn't need to breath fire to be important or needed. ThunderPup's Brood-Father died before he was hatched so he wouldn't be able to be taught how to fight... The closest he had to a father was either EmberMoon's father EagleWing, or OwlFlame the deputy. Though however much he begged them to teach him how to fight they refused. "It's your father's job," they would say. "But, my father died before I was hatched." ThunderPup would say.

         "Well then you will have to teach yourself."

         "But how"

         "The way the first Ancients did, by trail and Error"

         "But how will I know if I have it right?"

         "It's been engrained into us, you will find what is best by what feels natural."

          After the majority of the Brood had turned him down and refused, ClawFlame, felling sorry for the young pup decided to go against tradition and appoint a mentor for ThunderPup. ClawFlame appointed himself, and decreed that ThunderPup's case should become an example for the rest of history to follow.

          "I ClawFlame, son of (Insert Name for father here), and leader of the Flame Brood, hereby decree that from now on that Pups shall have mentors appointed to them, rather than having family train them. The old ways cannot work in a situation such as ThunderPup's!

*Author's note: I have gotten a few reviews as to why TearFire isn't angry at ClawFlame, It's because she's more sad then anything so she will eventually get mad and go on a rampage*
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