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by LiszyK
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Sentemientos del corazón- (Feelings of the heart)
New Roads,
Open doors,
Changed ways,

It's forever,
Will always be,
Never stops,
Always hungry

Missing piece,
Fights and fails,
Tough formulas,
But we prevail.

Bigger dreams,
Newer things,
Same directions,
Perfect scene

Pick-up lines,
Cheesy dates,
long phone calls
"On my way" 's

Go to sleep,
Think of her
Get to rest,
He's all I adore

More time,
Less doubt,
Same fears,
But different now

Bumpy roads,
High-speed chase,
Come in first
In this heart-stop race

Die for each other
Fight the fight
Break apart
and realign

Take your turn,
Wait it out
Is he ready?
Does she doubt?

Am I hers?
Am I his?
All goes away
in loving bliss.

Take a break
question it.
Am I giving
All I can give?

Stop signs and
Red lights,
Kill time,
But not tonight

We fly fast
In a cloudless sky;
I have yours
and you have mine
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