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Feelings sometimes are required to make the world a better place.


As his flight landed, he quickly came out of the airport to board a taxi. He was headed to his home and was happy. After all, he has been promoted to Regional Head and he wanted to break the good news to his family.

He stopped near a mall to do some shopping before reaching out to his family.

As he was busy shopping, he saw the face, he considered most beautiful on this earth.

His childhood crush Nina was standing there. He could not gasp as he loved her from the core of his heart from the moment he saw her 10years back in school.

For 2 years in school, he could not propose her as he always thought he doesn’t stand a chance. And it was not only him who eyed her. Every single boy could do anything for her, just for her “Yes”.

In 3 years of his college, he was lucky to have her by his side as a friend. During the time, he tried proposing her many a times, but failed. He was indeed not a hunk who could drool her. However, he knew he loved her deeply.

And it’s not that Nina was not aware of his feelings.

But today was different. They were meeting after 3 long years. Distances sometimes bring the hesitation in best of friends as well. All they could do was shake hands.

But as destiny had in store, He quickly gathered the courage to propose her one last time. He bend on his knees, gave his best impression, full of confidence, full of fear of yet a rejection again, not to embarrass her. As he bent, he took out a ring from his pocket, the same ring he has been carrying from last 5 years, only to meet her and give the same to her. Even Nina could not stop noticing the same ring she had last seen 3 years back before they parted.

As he brought the same question to her, this time she could not say “No”. She could not say “Yes”.

In fact, all she could say was “Why”. And he replied, “Because i still love you more than anything else in this world”.

She nodded, and all they could do was walk together out of the mall, hand in hand, with a sea full of tears in her eyes and the immense satisfaction look on his face. There were people in the mall, some in awe, some with respect in their eyes, but all were clapping as Nina and Varun walked past them.

Nina was an Acid attack survivor.

By: Gaurav Goel


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