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by brom21
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An unfortunate teenager finds something he thinks will resolve his problem.
Maybe I'll just go away. I have been living in Vegas for three years and so far it has been nothing but hurt and embarrassment. Specifically I have been going to Centennial High school for my freshman and sophomore years and everyone makes fun of or ignores me. The thing that stumps me about all this is that I don’t know why. All the other students will sometimes use my plain striped shirt as a target for teasing. Other times I will be in the main hall and I would say hi to someone and they’d just act like wasn’t there. My parents say it’s just a phase. But all this is all starting to make me very angry.

So here I am on one Monday morning expecting the same treatment. I sit at my desk in the back row and a girl named Laura is the first to attack. “Hello John. Did you know that you’re ugly?”

I said nothing. Then a guy named Rick did a follow up. “The prom is in two week and you’re free to date my grandma. She is like you are, deranged and stupid.”

I clenched my fist and it was the first time an insult really got me boiling. I looked around the room and tried to find a deterrent from my strange, hostile emotion. I felt within me a desire to retaliate. But no, this wasn’t me! I am good person with good parents who loved me. Yet it was undeniable; from all ages and reputation status, I would get back at them.

When the day was over, I wanted something to distract me so I went to my room, sat my desk and read a book called Today’s Myths and Legends It was serving its purpose and I was feeling lost in mystery. I was fascinated by something called the Buried Treasure of the Spirit. In Colonial days Native Americans living in modern Nevada hid it in a ditch. I looked at a map of the book that indicated they buried it in an area roughly two miles from where I lived. Legends said it can only be found by the most desperate of souls and it has the power to rectify any problem. I was silent before I experienced a strange sensation in my head. In my mind, images began to appear like landmarks, roads and a vast dessert landscape. In my heart I was compelled to follow the visons I had. I did not need the book, my thoughts would show me the way. At the same time I questioned what on Earth I was doing. But I was calm and sure of myself. I told my parents I was going for bike ride which was the truth.

I got a shovel and in forty minutes on my bike at top speed, I had arrived. An ashy sage brush marked the spot. I dug in front of it and soon I saw a golden arrowhead with a diamond tip. It resonated with a serene nostalgia. Then before me appeared a mist in the form of an old Native American.

“You are deeply tormented and worthy to claim the sacred Treasure of The Spirit. I shall take away the affliction of those who taunt you.”

I was going to say yes, but I was swayed by revenge. “Give me the power to make them suffer as I have.”

The old man veered at me. “If that is your wish, so be it.”

Then the misty image faded into the air and I put the treasure in the ground. I left the place and made for home. That night, I slept very well. When I arrived at school, something was different

I saw Rick sitting against the lockers crying. I did not know why but, it was good to watch. I approached him. “Rick, something wrong?”

He looked at me then broke eye contact.

“Has someone been insulting you?” I said.

He shook his head in sobs. “NO!” he ardently spoke.

I passed him down the hall and addressed another student. “Why is Rick crying, Nick?”

Paul and Ron were in science class and were really tearing him down. I’ve never seen something like it. And get this, Laura got in a fight with Lisa and it was pretty nasty. They have been best friend’s forever.”

The bell rang for science class and I sat down. I was amazed! No one said a peep. Instead, I saw those who antagonized me getting a taste of their own medicine. I was relishing it, but I felt guilty too. This, however, was justice.

“Hey, John,”

One of the most popular girls, Clara Simmons, was addressing me.

“Hey, Clara.”

“You look nice today.”

I was amazed and shocked.

“There’s something different about you today.” She examined me up and down. “It’s like a special glow is around you.”

Then her boyfriend Brad Higgins entered the class, sat down and gave her a sneer.

“What is with your boyfriend?” I asked.

“I dumped him. The way he always made fun of you got to me.”

I was delighted. Was this really happening? Oh, but it was!

Then I turned to Clara. “Would you go to the prom with me?”

She smiled and blinked her eyes. “I’ve already have some others who have asked me. I’ll think about it.” She winked at me.

It was like my whole life had undergone a miracle. As the months went on, my conscience was getting to me. Old enemies were still being tormented even more than I had been. Then I cracked.

I returned to the arrowhead site and picked up the object and wished from the bottom of my heart. “Please I wish things were like they were.”

I returned home after nothing happened. The next day I found things as they had be only no one was being scorned. All was pleasant and in the end I learned an important lesson on selfishness and mercy.

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