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What is true about all that is, just some thoughts I'd like to share with you here.....
We are all worth existing,
We long to be truly loved, respected and appreciated,
It is us who make the world the way it is,
When love is there it is known and felt without any doubt,
The devil, the other part of one self will never cease to exist,
Just as our good and neutral self,
This is the entire puzzle, of self,
The Creator is 3 parts, of our self,
Good, neutral and evil,
Are you not real?
Yes you are, you are those things all combined.
What choices you yourself choose to make,
Is the part of self you want to be.
Forget the Gods, deities and those one chooses to believe in,
Look to one self because we all are 3 combined,
So are those you choose to love and believe in,
How we are is a choice that we make,
Even the devil can choose to be good,
How so you ask?
Are YOU only bad and choose to do evil?
There is your answer then, see?
So if you said no,
Would you allow the one you know and love, to die?
I wouldn't, why would you?
We all love some one,
Since you wouldn't, that is love,
Love is the highest of all good.
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