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They have been doing it for years. Almost everyday since he moved in next door.

     “What are you doing sneaking in the back door? Do you want my Mate to catch us?”

     “I wasn’t sneaking in. You are just feeling guilty about what we are doing.”

     “Why should I feel guilty? We aren’t doing anything wrong.”
     “your Mate might disagree with that. Physically, what we are doing is wrong.”

     “Is this your way of telling me you want to end what we have been doing? Are you ending our relationship?”

     “Of course not Barrina. I never want it to end.”

     “Then what do you want. Why are you sneaking in my back door?”

     “Don’t make me laugh like that. You know I love your back door.”

     “I didn’t mean it to sound like that. I’m just worried about you sneaking in.”

     “Like I just said a minute ago, I’m not sneaking in. I made sure your Mate left for work before I came over to see you.”

     “What about my children? They could be upstairs right now.”

     “No, they're not. They left for Learning before your Mate did.”

     “They also have a good habit of coming back. I don’t like it, but they do that a lot.”

     “I know they do Barrina. They have almost caught us several times.”

     “That’s why you are sneaking in my back door. Isn’t it?”

     “Stop doing that. You know I can’t stop laughing once I get started.”

     “I’m not trying to make you laugh. We don’t have time for laughter.”

     “You’re right. Let’s go up and do it.”

     “You have such a way with words. That’s why I love you too Jullan.”

     “I love you even more. I’ll prove that once we get upstairs.”

     “We can’t go up there just yet. I have to wait to make sure my Mate or children don’t sneak back in.”

     “You’re right about that. The last time I almost got caught with my pants down – literally.”

     “About ten minutes and it should be safe to go upstairs. If they are going to be coming back, they should be here by then.”

     “I can’t wait ten minutes. I’m not my talking about my staying power either.”

     “Don’t worry kid. I’ll get you to the Learning Center in time for learning.”

     “You know I hate it when you call me kid. I’m not a kid anymore.”

     “I know you’re not. You haven’t been since you moved in next door Jullan.”

     “You make it sound like I was the one who started all this. It’s you that came to me first when you and your Mate got into that fight and you came over to my residence to calm down before you went back to him.”

     “It’s you who had a fun way for me to calm down. We have been doing it almost every day, usually at my residence, since then.”

     “We can’t do that at my place. My parents could find out a lot easier than your Mate and children.”

     “I think it’s safe to go upstairs now. Let’s do it.”

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