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This poem is related to what I think is one of the most precious things we will ever know.
My voice goes unheard,
While my visage changes shape,
My blood is being poisoned,
Inside I can't help but shake.

I tremble with fear,
I scream beneath the sun and moon,
Why don't you acknowledge me?
I could be dead soon.

My skin is slowly breaking,
I'm finding it hard to breath,
My tears fall long and hard,
Why can't you see?

I watched over you while you were young,
Even now I provide all you need,
I ask for nothing in return,
How can you watch me bleed?

Remember that my destruction,
Will herald the extinction of all,
For I am the plants and animals,
The change of colour in the fall,

I am the gentle breeze,
And the glisten in the sea,
I am the song bird singing,
To the children playing by the quay.

The threads of fate are unravelling,
So what kind of end will it be?
Will they split in all directions?
Or a new beginning will we see?

I am Mother Earth,
And now I ask for love,
Give me your care and passion,
And I will rise above.

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