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by Angus
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My Resolutions For A Brand New Year (2016)

Dear Me,

Well, here it is, almost the end of January, and you’re just getting this piece written. This has got to stop, Angus! You’ve been a procrastinator your entire life and now you’re 50 years old!

Why did you put off making your New Year’s resolutions for so long? Why do you say to yourself that you’re going to do this tomorrow and that tomorrow, and then you don’t do anything tomorrow? There’s only so many tomorrows, my friend, and sooner or later there won’t be any!

So let’s try this again, and this time make it work!

You’ve been meaning to write that book-you even have people pushing you to write that book-so you need to get to it! And while we’re on this subject, you should try to get some pieces published, or at least submitted. You haven’t tried to do that since 2012 when you had a bunch of pieces published. Remember how proud you felt of yourself? And so was everybody else.

You need to start taking better care of your health. You have a bunch of personal problems, but those are no excuses for what you’re doing to yourself.

You need to keep in touch with your daughters and grandsons more frequently. The ‘Boyz’ (as you so proudly call them) hardly know you anymore, and that’s no way to be a grandfather! And you need to make amends with your oldest daughter. She doesn’t even talk to you anymore!

You need to find at least a part-time job, my friend. Living by giving plasma twice a week is not cutting it. As you said, you’re 50 years old and sitting on your butt slowly draining away what money your father left to you, so grow up! Get a job like most other men your age!

Start trying to keep your house cleaner. You live like a slob, and that’s no way to live. Take some hints from your sister. Even though nobody could live in a house as clean as hers, you could live in one a heckuva lot cleaner!

Try to stop smoking. You’re taking yourself away from the grandsons and the rest of your family! And you know hard that it is to watch. You’re lucky to have made it this far!

OK. It’s obvious that you have a lot of room for improvement in your life. And you’re the only one who can do anything about it.

Now is the time, Angus.



That’s about all I have for now, but I’m sure I’ll be back to this in order to update it or add things to it.

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