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by Mel
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A girl sits on a bench and waits for her father. No one notices her glowing.
The sky had just started to be streaked with colour. Early morning light, hardly there, poured over where a girl sat in a park on a hard stone bench. There was an ever so slight glow that was not coming from any obvious light source.
"Where are you, Ophelia?" Her mother's voice came distorted from the phone pressed to her ear. A soft smile settled itself onto her face at the comforting sound of it. No one called her that here, they preferred Lia. Or Miss Sarna if you where one of her eccentric teachers from University.
"Don't be clever with me, pyaar." Her amusement was evident in her voice.
"I'm on a hill. I think it's called Primrose Hill, it's beautiful." She looked out at London spread before her, there was a man running so far away that she could hardly make out what he looked like. She wrapped her jacket tighter around her before pulling her dark hair away from her face as the wind picked up slightly.
"It must be nearly morning there." Her mother sounded as if her words held a meaning that only those two would understand.
"I'm gonna see him."
"Don't be disappointed if he doesn't show."
The glow faltered around Ophelia, disappearing momentarily at the same second that her smile did.
"He loves me. I know he does." There was a long while where she just watched the colours of the sky slowly changing and becoming lighter, she could here breathing over the sound of voices in the background from where her mother was.
"Have you told anyone?" flashes of a long ago argument came to mind.
I never thought that I should be ashamed of myself before you taught me to.
I'm trying to protect you.
I'm a nymph, it's not like they where going to believe me anyway.
Your father, he might be punished.
Like I've ever even met him.

She could still hear the hurt in her mother's voice.
"No." not yet she didn't say, but left it stay in the silence between them.
The sun was almost there, Ophelia could feel her heart pick up pace as time moved on.
"I should go."
"Ophelia. Be good... and if he shows up, tell him hi, from me."
"You haven't tried to see him like this since you were ten. You're so tall now." Her mother's voice wavered and Ophelia knew that she was wiping her eyes, that was how most of their conversations about her father normally ended. She wanted to comfort her mother but the sky was changing faster than ever.
"I love you, I'll talk to you later. I have to go."
"Bye mum."
"Bye pyaar."
She put her phone back into her Jacket and closed her blue eyes, when she was younger she could never bring herself to not watch the most beautiful part of a sunrise.
She felt the warmth of the sun before she opened her eyes, she waited for longer than she ever had done before, and only opened them when she was addressed by a warm musical voice that she never remembered just right.
"You look just like your mother Ophelia." A blond man stood before her, he didn't look old enough to be her father, his blond hair backlit by the sun. A grin that was all teeth and unashamed happiness was spread on both youthful faces. "The first time I saw her," he continued with an impish smirk, "I thought that she was an indian goddess."
She stood up, not daring to blink, and he was momentarily taken back by her height.
"You have my eyes." Startlingly so, his eyes where just as familiar as her own.
"Apollo." It was barely a whisper, but it brought tears to the eyes of the pair. They embraced with the sun coming up over London, he first words that Ophelia Sarna had said to her father in nine years echoing around the Sun god's head.
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