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A young man is cinstantly stalking a young woman, exploiting her life online and knows it
         An FBI agent, named Agent Kei who is not only also internet savvy as any original hacker, but has all kinds of advanced degrees in IT. He was finally contacted by a middle aged woman to investigate her case, without pay to help a good citizen out. To his dismay, he found out from her detailed documentations that a psychopathic teenage boy constantly kept exploiting and harassing Ms. Yei. He has had a crush on her and has been wanting her for years while he kept stalking, cyber-bullying, exploiting and harassing her every move online, non-stop. He has even gone so far as to have included his people in on what hes been doing to her, to report back to him about her to further help him know what roads she drives on, what places she works at, where she goes, places she shops at and even listens in on and reads her cell phone texting every moment of her life. His last attempt had almost lead her to seeing either he or one of his other thieves at HR Block where she received a phone call from a professional to do her income taxes with that she didn't have handle her documents from the other year. She also tells me he sounds and has a horrible hot temper like her sibling has, and even sounds exactly like him too when he talks over her cell phone to her.

         Agent Kei has a warrant for the boys arrest, and only needs to arrange the necessary documentation before he arrests him for stalking and harassment. The woman and bullying cyberstalker will both be sent to court afterward, the woman for over a full year now has been documenting every comment the boy had made online, relating to her personal life, exploiting her on a daily basis, and has all the proof she needs to win her court case. Agent Kei is amazed at how horrible this case is and had become. He even further looked into the boy and discovered that he had criminal charges in the past against him, and has even gone so far as to have been committing identity theft against the woman, (as a form of revenge due to her not wanting him back) causing her to lose everything, including her credit and home.

--- Unfortunately, this article was based on an actual documentated case that's about someone I know, if you or anyone you know is going through anything similar to this, please call our office and don't delay what's happening, before you end up like this woman who's now living in a homeless shelter from these kinds of crimes that were committed against her.
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