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needed feedback for information for story
Are you Male____ or Female_____
Age: 18 - 39;  40 - 49;  50 - 59;  60+ ________
•          65 years old
•          5'5" tall, slightly overweight, Light brown hair cut to top of collar, naturally wavy
•          Outfit:
o          Lavender Button blouse, 3/4 sleeves, narrow collar
o          Gray Slacks, tailored, thin dark gray belt
o          1" heals, closed toe
o          Minimal makeup
o          silver necklace with heart
•          40 years old
•          6'2" tall, muscular build, jet black wavy hair, slight curls at ears and goes to middle of neck in back
•          No facial hair, but has 5 o'clock shadow by late evening
•          Outfit:
o          White button down long-sleeved dress shirt, sleeves rolled up to elbows
o          Black slacks, pleated waist line, black belt with small silver belt buckle,
o          Short black boots
o          Expensive tri-gold watch, thin gold chain around neck

Questions to be answered for each scenario:
1.          First impression on what is taking place
2.          Would you say anything either directly to the people or by your actions? ____ What would you say and/or do?
3.          When you learned they were on a date would you think, say and/or do something?

At Movies:
•          Couple sitting close together whispering.

•          Man's arm around the woman's shoulders, her head on his shoulder.

•          Man kisses woman on cheek.

•          Sitting very close in booth

•          Man kisses woman on the cheek

•          Sitting across from each other, man's hand on top of woman's

•          Very close to each other, woman's head on man's chest

Walking on Beach
•          Holding hands while walking

•          Man's arm around woman while walking

•          Playing tag and acting silly

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