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by bry
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lasting friendship
by Lyn Lanier
Well this all started at age 15, when I meet my friend. We were at High School. We got to talking about, what I am not sure now. However we did share things like we both owned, Schwinn bikes, were we both lived. At this point not much more. But as faith would have it change was very much in the wind. This has to be a strange or strangest way for a friendship to cement itself rather than die.
As it was Saturday, I rode my bike down to shopping center and back home total trip between 2-3 miles. I parked my bike in the front yard. Going inside. Shortly there came knock on the front door. A police officer was standing there, Asking,”if that was my bike in the front yard?” To which my reply was “yes”. Then there was a questioning look on my mothers face as she now join me at the door. The officer asked if we would ride with him so someone could look at me. Being a very different time we said, “yes!” My mother and I were transported to a location near 30th. And McDonough St. here in Richmond, Va. After the victim said, “it was not me ' a inquiry was made as to what happened?
Basic was a young boy had been sexually assaulted, while dumping trash. All the police had to go on that attacker was on a schwinn bike.
In the conversation I was ask if I knew any one that had a schwinn bike. As would happen my new friend lived across the street. I was asked if I would go and ask him to come over? I told them yes, and set off. At this time I had never visited him were he lived. My friend C. W. N. Lived in upstairs apartment as the mothers were both friends. I woke up C.W.N., and told him someone wants talk to you. As C. W.N. opened the out side door he looked back at me as if to say, “ what the heck is going on?” As was to be neither of us were guilty and we discussed it and decided we go out looking for anyone on a schwinn bike. We never saw anyone nor did we have plan if we had.
Now as I write this he less than 8 feet from me as he rents a room from his aunt were he has Hi-Speed internet connection. We now share our interest in computers and Internet.
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