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I wrote this tonight at North Kansas City Public Library. My favorite library.
Cultivate your spirit.
Don't invest your energy in the things
that stand for emptiness.
They're like statues with midnight black eyes
that stand in the way
just to stop the flow of progress being made.

Only purpose they have is to steal your insides
Until you're a stranger to your very own mentality.
Your own soul is a stranger
that just wants you to become familiar with it
and wants a name

Be right with the invisible realms that surround you
Constantly search for inspiration
let that thirst for it never fade.

Reality is so much deeper than the physical objects
that accumulate in your eyes

Don't lower yourself because of society.
Stand strong with faith and don't sacrifice
the person you are inside
just because of all the destructive moral decay
that's shoved right in front of you.

It only wants you to live permanently under a concrete grey sky
and lock away the sunlight

Preserve the meaning of being
Live to it's highest definition
Stand guard of your mental realm.

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