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I'm New This my attempt to find REVIEWERS. I haven't figured out how to request one yet.
My book needs reviewers. I need amazon reviews and I am checking if I can get them here. My book is long, and contains quite a few run on sentences. I left them there because they are one complete thought. My book is the first subject addressed in a philosophy I am defining/creating with my book series. The book contains a very lengthy introduction that applies to this first subject specifically AND the philosophy as a whole. As far as Grammar and spelling goes I spent about $150-180 on monthly grammarly subscriptions and then made additional punctuation changes following that. It's published I can't change it and don't even want to. BUT I do want it read and reviewed for it's content. I am proud of my work on it, even with it's flaws. What I need are reviewers that will read it and not hammer me on the errors but instead consider the gravity of the subject matter. If anyone can help me please let me know. In all seriousness I AM TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD. Not spiritually, physically.

Please email me or message me or however you contact people here, and I will gladly give you details on how to find it. It is mostly available via google and other sources, but based on it's size the amount available on google should be sufficient for you to make an assessment.
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