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what to do when you have to work and need to write/take pictures/paint/play music
What to do when you work a crummy job and you want to do creative stuff like paint, do photography, write? The best answer is do it when you are young, and never buy a house with a mortgage and finance a car at the same time, alone, and without anyone to bail you out. Don't do what I did. Youth is wasted on the young, they say that for a reason. If I had a time machine, if only. Living in the now you have to contend with working for a living whilst playing music and doing watercolors after work or before work. Maybe pick up that acoustic and strum away before the luxury of a quick homemade breakfast, if you weren't up late the night before jamming on an electric with the amp hooked up to headphones. That long weekend coming up where you finally find time to write the novel you've always dreamed of comes and goes, the ideas still swimming around in your mind. Stephen King advises writing in a room with a closing door that is just your own space, and he's been churning out stuff for decades. My answer for me is to do it now before I'm lamenting 20 more years from today, I should have done more creative stuff then. Time to change the story to how it was possible to write a book or a collection of short stories or a play or screenplay and work a job at the same time. How turning off the TV and focusing on writing instead made it possible. Something needs to come out when you are creative, you have to release the hounds. Just getting warmed up now, times up for today but Ill try harder tomorrow...
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