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A SpaceKiller is someone who kills people for a living. Hannam is one of the best.

The SpaceKiller

     “Hey, I saw your photo in the paper...” was all he got out before a Laser Ball to the center of his forehead ended his life. The red glow from it meant he died instantly – before he hit the ground.

     Hannam used a Light Stick to verify his death. He shined it right in his face. Then after turning it off by twisting it in its center Hannam kicked the legs of the man into complete darkness. “That’s another I had to kill because of that photo.”

     I have had to kill seventeen people since that picture of me came out. And it’s only been a few hours since that happened. That includes six females. I hate killing females. The only ones I don’t like to kill even less are children. But I will do both if I have to. Hannam remained in that space between buildings for several more minutes before leaving it. He kept to the shadows as he headed for the edge of those buildings.

     Looking in both directions Hannam peeked around the corner of that building before he ventured out. The shadows kept him hidden as he continued down that roadway. I waited until dark so that no one would recognize me from that photo until I got to my destination. There’s hardly anyone out this time of night - usually. Tonight everyone is out. All I want to do is get to my destination before I have to kill anyone else.

     Hannam stopped before he walked pass the spaces between buildings. He laid on the ground as he peeked around the corner. Once he realized no one had been between them he got up and quickly walked across that space to the other side. All I want to know is how Pattia got that photo of me.

     Glancing up at each building entrance, on both side of that roadway, Hannam looked at the names above the entrances. I know The World Media is around here somewhere. And that Pattia is still there. Not only does she prefer to work at night she just left another killing site. I should know because I saw her there. And because I’m the one who did that killing.

     There it is. Hannam pointed at a tall building across the roadway a couple of buildings away from where he’s at. I was sure it was on this side of the roadway. After checking out both directions, and seeing that it’s safe, Hannam quickly ran across that roadway and up the stairs. He ran right into the entrance he was moving so fast.


     Keeping his head lower slightly Hannam walked through the entrance after it slid open. He headed for a Security Official sitting behind a raised-back desk. “Can I help you?” Borrin asked. The name across his shoulders said that as he rose to greet Hannam.

     “Yes, I am here to meet Pattia,” said Hannam. “Only I forget which office she told me to meet her in.”

     Sitting back down Borrin looked a bunch of small pieces of paper hanging all around the lips of his raised-back desk. “I don’t see anything that says she’s expecting anyone tonight.”

     “I’m not surprised,” responded Hannam. “She doesn’t want anyone to know I am here.”

     “Neither do I,” Hannam continued. “I didn’t even want to meet her here, but she insisted on it.”

     Borrin thought about that for a minute while glancing at the small papers again. “She’s probably in her office.” He pointed straight up. “Her office is on level six.”

     “Thank you.” Hannam glanced up for only a second as he headed for a nearby door.

     “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Borrin asked. He saw the paper on his desktop. “Isn’t that you in the photo?”

     “I hoped you hadn’t have said that.” Before Borrin could pull his weapon stuck, literally, to his hip Hannam had his in his hand. He fired only one Laser Ball at Borrin’s forehead. Borrin died before he sank, then slid out, to his chair. After stuffing the body under that desk Hannam left.


     Hannam had his weapon still out when he entered Pattia’s office. Just before bursting in he saw it’s her office by the name on the door. “Where did you get that photo of me?”

     Pattia sat back in her chair as she looked up and saw a weapon pointed at her head. “You don’t need that weapon.” She pulled herself forward to be behind her desk again. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”
“I want to know where you got that picture of me.” Hannam waived that weapon toward Pattia. “This is to make sure you give it to me.”

     “I’ll tell you where I got it,” said Pattia. “I took it myself at a World Leader Challenge a few days ago.”

     “You shouldn’t have done that,” said Hannam. “Even worse you shouldn’t have put it in the paper for everyone to see.”

     “I’m sorry,” replied Pattia. “Most people like to see their pictures in the paper.”

     “I don’t,” said Hannam angrily. “Thanks to you I have had to kill eighteen people getting here to see you.”

     “Killed!” Pattia looked scared. “Why did you kill all those people?”

     “Don’t you know who I am?” Hannam asked.

     After getting no reply he continued. “I am a SpaceKiller.”

     “You kill people for a living,” Pattia shakily said. “Your right, if I had known that I would never have put that picture in the paper.”

     Hannam didn’t say anything for several minutes. Then he finally said, “You have caused me a lot of trouble with that photo you took of me.”

     Pattia tried to speak, but couldn’t. After trying a couple of times she said, “You are the one who has been killing all the World Leader Challengers – aren’t you.”


     I really hate killing females. Hannam left The World Media building after scanning the roadway outside. He used the shadows again to escaped getting caught.

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