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when i hit the wall, all i need is support.


How different Rhea and Alia are. No one would believe they both are born to same parents.”Said Ragini while looking at the 12 year olds, sipping her coffee.

We have given both of them the best of education we could. Their demands are met before even a word from their mouth. However, i don’t know why Alia is so silent and lacks confidence. Though, let me tell you she was not like this always. I believe God has made her like this.”Said their Mom while chatting with Ragini, her neighbour and business partner.

Rhea was playing with her newly possessed doll set, whereas Alia was holding hers tight in her hand while looking at Rhea.

Both were listening to the conversation their Mom was having with Ragini aunty.

As Mom instructed and as they expected, they happily went to their room. Rhea laid down every single piece of her doll set. She wanted to finish the assembly as fast as she can so that she can go out and show it to her friends.

Alia lay down on the couch looking at the fan which was rotating to give her glimpses of her past.

Two years ago

Both Alia and Rhea were chirpy and used to play around a lot. It seems both had a competition to fare better that the other. A healthy competition as both loved each other very much.

However that evening changed everything for Alia. She was playing in the street as usual when she was attacked by a stalker. Little did she know of next one hour ordeal? After all, she was just 10 years old kid. She knew that creature by face as she has seen him multiple times around that area stalking her. She has even discussed the same with her Mom; however, she didn’t take the same seriously.

And now when the beast has satiated himself, all the Mother said is she should stay home wearing nice dresses. The culprit, if wont sees her for a next few days, will eventually go and find another interest. And Mom was correct. The bugger left the place to hunt for another prey.

Soon Alia’s health started deteriorating and so her grades.

None thought it is because of the mental impact of that evening on that kid’s mind. Little she was aware of the harsh realities of this society where we ask our girls to stop doing something without giving reason rather that instructing our boys not to do something by giving proper reasons.

Only if her Father would have been here, he could have taken care of the situation.

Only if the Mother would have given heed to her words timely.

Only if the doctors would have counselled her rather than giving her medication only.

Only if…

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