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A tragedy has happen. Seven people, including Catline, have just died.

Living in Constant Danger

     Korrinna raced down the circular always wall spinning corridor bumping into, pushing aside and knocking down anyone that got in her way. She barely tapped one fellow crewmember. But it was enough to send him to the floor.

     Two other crewmembers got pushed out of Korrinna’s way as she got too close to the wall as she headed around that circular corridor too fast. They bumped into each other as they slid down that opposite spinning wall.

     Another crewmember got knocked down too. The papers she had in her hands flew out and scattered on the floor. She landed on them a few seconds later.

     Korrinna turned into a side corridor. And ran right into Commander Paggic. The hot drink heading for his month splashed onto his shirt and face. He screamed. Watch where your running. Wait a second! You shouldn’t be running down the corridors - unless it’s an emergency.”

     “I’m sorry Commander Paggic. I didn’t realize I was moving that fast. Medical! I’m on my way to Medical. I was just contacted about my daughter.”

     “I heard about Catline. I’m sorry about what happened to her. But that’s no excuse for running in my corridors. I don’t want you to end up in Medical too.”


     The corridor walls didn’t spin where an entrance/exit existed. So when Korrinna approached the one with the word ‘Medical’ on it that entrance/exit slid open.

     Korrinna entered. And suddenly stopped. She stared at Catline as she slowly walked toward her. Each step looked like she was being challenged by a strong wind. Korrinna diverted her eyes every from her daughter as she got closer to her.

     Catline laid on a floating flat thin metal board. She laid there completely naked. But the burn scars all over her body hide her nudity. The scar lengths ranged from half an inch to about two inches. Thin uneven marks crisscrossed across her body.

     Head Medic Effam saw Korrinna from across a very busy room. Catline wasn’t the only one affected by that accident. He walked toward Korrinna. She knew she was too late when... was all he thought before a blubbering young male got his attention by bellowing very loud right behind him.

     Korrinna stood over the body of her daughter as Effam joined her on the other side of Catline. “What happened to Catline?” Korrinna glanced around that room. “To everyone here.”

     “I don’t know all the details. But the way I understand it there was a small explosion in The Engine Room. Sparks shot out of it in all directions. Catline was one of them closest to the engines when it happened.”

     “What was she doing there? She should have been there. The last time I saw her, only a few hours ago, she was studying for an upcoming test.”

     “According to what I heard that’s what she was doing there. That was her test. The engines and The Engine Room were her test. It’s just bad timing she was there when she was.”

     “I don’t understand. Why was she there? She was barely fifteen. She still had another year to go before she started thinking about her future.”

     “I’m not sure why she was there. But I think it was because of a male around her age. I think she was there to meet him when the accident happened.”

     “Are they sure it was an accident. After all, we were in a big battle only a few days ago. Couldn’t the engines have been damaged because of that battle.”

     “I don’t think so. According to Head of the Engines Golini they were. And Head of Security has already checked out the accident. Norriah is sure it was an accident.”

     “Why do you know everything that is going on here? You seem to know what’s going on before it happens.”

     “No, I don’t. It just looks that way. There’s very little, if anything, I don’t know about. And if I don’t know about it I can find it out. That’s just the way that I am.”

     Neither Korrinna or Norriah said anything for several minutes. They just stared down at Catline. Korrinna finally broke the silence. “Did Catline suffer.”

     “I wish I could say she didn’t. But from the screaming going on I’m afraid she did. We could hear it from here. And they are twelve floors below us. I’m surprised you didn’t hear it down in Shuttle Repairs. You are only a few floor from there.”

     “I’m sorry to be so blunt. But I believe whether it’s good news or bad if it needs to be told it’s best to just tell it.”

     “It’s all my fault she is here. I should never have brought her on this battleship. Me and her father hate each other. But she loves him. I should have let her stay with him. If I had she would still be alive.”

     “Personally, I think you made the right decision. She needs you – and you needed her.”

     “What life? She doesn’t have one now. And it’s all my fault.”

     “No, it’s not. What happened was an accident.”

     “I would have missed her, and her growing up, over the next ten, eight years now, but I would be seeing her every chance I got. Now I can’t even do that – because she’s dead.”

     Ever since Korrinna came into Medical she had been shedding tears. Every few seconds she would wipe tears off her cheek or from under her eyes with a finger – and wiping them off onto her uniform. “What am I going to do without her? How am I going to tell her father what happened?”


     A week later everything was back to normal. As normal as it could under the circumstances. All Korrinna did was work and spend her off time in her Sleeping Quarters trying to sleep. But all she slept about was Catline. Seeing her launched into a sun along with the other six who died that day.
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