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The first 6 days of the planet earth calendar
So the Old Testament Sacred Script is to be read by one and all before it can ever be condemned as untrue and non historical. Read it before you burn it ..... for you might be burning your bridges behind you.......

Now listen to this and carefully too. MOT and ANATH were two mythological ancient gods who were brother and sister but also husband and wife and thirdly they were political rivals in an election for power that took place every seven years in the distant ancient times...

One of them symbolized wealth and prosperity and the other symbolized drought and famine and hardship..

According to which of those two political husband and wife party won the political debate and major votes in the pantheon of the gods election then the next seven year would be a time of great prosperity or great hardship ....... Rainfall versus drought and famine.......

Now for that very reason the bible has preached that there is a season for everything in life : a time for sexual activity and a time for abstaining from sexual activity. A time for laughter and a time for seriousness. A time for sleep and a time for wakefulness. A time for love and a time for hate. A time for peace and a time for war .....

The third book of the Old Testament has taught us that the calendar of days and years must be subdivided always in a particular format and never any other way to obey the Mot and Anath ancient pristine celestial and divine bottomline of a sevenday and a sevenyear cycle of power between a man and a woman deity ....... which ought to have been honoured and maintained in all countries of planet earth from back then in the Oocene and Biocene and Miocene and Oligocene and Plestocene to the present time of contemporary modern society in this the late Cenocene of Century 21 AD 2016 February fourth...... but which is not the case anywhere at all.

It was a system broken and replaced by no know consistent nor universal concept. No wonder that the Great Roman Empire fell and heros have been beheaded and VlAD DRACULA THE madman WENT MAD IN HIS MULTIFARIOUS MURDERS OF HIS CITEZENS ........ AND THE MANY DOCUMENTED ATROCITIES OF THE HELLENISTIC HELLISH GOVERNMENTS AND SYSTEMS OF PAST PLACES AND PAST TIMES.......

Now Leviticus commands that six days can you labour and toil financially and economically but never ever on the seventh day which is the rest day and the Holy Sabbath of the Lord thy God.

Therefore every week must be printed on every calenfar asd sis workdays followed by one Sabbath day. A 6 plus 1 system weekly. Since each month has 4 weeks thus far then there are only 4 Sabbath days per month and with fixed neverchanging number affixed. Day 7, Day 14, Day 21 and Day 28 are the four Sabbath days called the weekend.

How then on earth or in hell has Barack Hussein Obama the third managed to teach all American students that the Sabbath days can be other numbers ? Check on the four Sabbath days of February 2016 please and you will see that in every one of the twelve months of the year 2016 the Sabbath days are different different numbers never the original 7, 14, 21 and 28th days !!!

Now lets move on to the 100 years in each century such as the 21st century that only just begun 16 years ago on January 1, 2001....

There must be 50 years to the first half and 50 years to the second and last half and it must have 7 Sabbath years to each half making a total of 14 Sabbath years in each century of one hundred years.

I so like to say the impossible.... If its to be its up to me

But it is your responsibility to get it done and published and practiced as an indelible law.

My calling is to remind you of your acts of omission and to encourage you to get up off your white or poor or rich derriere and do it (for me for me for me ) !!!!!!

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