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2/4/16-For Jim and Eddie. **To the Tune of: "Space Oddity" by David Bowie**
(I don't normally change song lyrics, but this combines 2 things I love, the NY Rangers and "Space Oddity" by David Bowie.
Click to hear the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfpVn0fUujg)


Blueshirt fans to Coach A.V.
Blueshirt fans to Coach A.V.
The detonation deadline is almost here

(Ten)Blueshirt (Nine) fans to Coach A.V. (Eight, Seven)
(Six)Commencing (Five)countdown,
Don’t you fear (Four, Three)
(Two)Checking (One)contracts
And we’ll call the (Detonation)auctioneer

This is Blueshirt fans to Coach A.V.
You’ve really pissed us off,
And we want to know why you’re so blind to it
You’ve done a lot for the team, but we don’t care

This is Blueshirt fans to Coach A.V.
Oh why can’t you just see
That your coaching choices suck so terribly
And when you say they’re doing fine, we’re wary

Oh dear, you’ve just sat my fav’rite Ranger
For your Tanner Glass
You just love him so, and his playing really blows

Don’t you know we really love this team
We really care too much
We’ve been waiting since ninety-four on a cup!
Can’t you tell Hank to just get us one?
Please Coach!

Blueshirt fans to Coach A.V.
Your team just sucks
What’s going on?
Can’t they win an effing game?
Can they hear us when we cry,
“Can’t you hear us Coach A.V?”
Oh hell No! Staal and Girardi just fucked up
Nothing new to see
Powerplay still sucks, and there’s no cup for these mucks….

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