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Based on a serial killer who kills females or young girls every Friday 13th.
In Miami Florida,1999,it was finally Friday the 13th. On that night Dawson and Joey were watching a horror movie until Joey got scared and switch to news.Where they saw the hunt for the serial killer, who kills females every Friday the 13th. Dawson started pulling pranks on his friends as usual but didn't want to do it to his ex-girlfriend, Jen.
Jen then heard her doorbell ,she got up and opened the door, but she saw no one only a note laying on her porch saying,''you're going to die tonight''. There and then she laughed thinking that Dawson was pulling a prank on her, when she went back inside the phone rang and she answered,''hello'', he said in an mysterious voice,'' hey,what;s your name?'' she laughed and said,'' i know its you Dawson''.'' who is Dawson?'' he asked. She laughed again and said,'' oh alright yeah, i saw this movie''. he replied ,'' so tell me your name''.''very funny Dawson, this is as far as we go''.''once again who's Dawson?'' he said in a very angrily voice .Jen started to get scared now and she took up a knife .the guy said ,''go search the house''.she answered saying ,''oh that's enough ,Dawson you didn't sneak in the house?''then the guy asked her how her grandfaher is doing,''ok Dawson,hiding in my grands bedroom is low''. she replied .she then rushed into his room and saw the closet door opened she went closer to look but didn't see anything or anyone. she asked ,'' where are you?'' he replied,'' whatever you do Jen,don;t look under the bed''.nothing wasn't there but her grandfather hand fell on her and she screamed .when she looked up she saw her grandfather hand.
Next,she heard the front door shaking, so she stepped back, then the back door opened by itself self and when she turned around. She felt a hand on her shoulders , it was her grandmother ,she asked''Jen what's wrong, it's just me,i forgot my keys who's that on the phone dear?'' jen asked again ,'' who is this?'' '' i'll see you tonight jen, and then he hang up.
later on,Joey,Dawson and they're other friend Jason went out to buy snacks for the little house party Dawson was having. Dawson and Jason went inside the store while joey waited in the car. while waiting ,a man came by the window and show joey signs to whine down the window and she did so,'' hi'' he said to her,'' hello can i help you?''she asked the gentleman,''yes, you can please tell me the way to princeton , i think im lost?'' said the gentleman, then Dawson came out the store and asked ,''joey ,who is this?'' the guy walked away and said '' thanks Joey''. when Dawson got into the car he asked '' didn't your parents ever tell you not to talk to strangers''. she said,''' he needed help''.
Ten minutes later they reached by Dawson's home . They got around a table and started to play a game by calling spirits. Then the lights went half way through the game and everyone started to freak out . Dawson went outside to check what had happened to the lights, but he couldn't find anything wrong. When he came back inside he saw everyone sitting on the floor but Joey,he asked,''where is Joey?'' Jen said'' she went upstairs'', ''you guys let her go her go by herself''. He took the flash light and went looking for her , when he past the stairs he heard a noise in the closet ,he called out, ''Joey'' but didn't get a reply so he opened it and she fell to the floor, making Dawson think that she was dead ,he got scared and Jen said '' that's what you get for sending the note and calling me'', '' Jen i never called you or send you a note'' said Dawson.
Jen asked with a trimble in her voice ,'' are you sure?'' he said '' yes'' finally'' said Jason from down stairs as the lights came on ,everyone at this moment decided to go to their houses ,but Joey stayed ,because she normally sleeps over by Dawson '' you should have seen you face'' said Joey. Dawson replied '' i don;t know what i'll do if something happens to you or you die''. then he asked ''if i die, would you cry?'' ,she smiled and nodded. They got into bed and Dawson turned on the t v , the news came on. They found the serial killer and things leading to the females he killed. Joey and Dawson looked at each other shocked, because that was the same gentleman who spoke to Joey when they were at the store and he was also the one who called Jen and send the note.
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