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Feb. 5, 2016. Day 5 Soundtrack to My Life {i}World Dance Party{/i} The Fools
The Fools are from the Boston area, and one of my sister's favorite bands. They play a mixture of covers(Lonely Blue Boy), parodies( Psycho Chicken), and original songs(She Looks Alright in the Dark.)

I owned a bootleg tape of The Fools, recorded from WCOZ 94.5 radio. It was loud and irreverent and made me laugh. My friend Jimmy had never heard of them. I couldn't believe he hadn't heard of them---they were his kind of people. So, I described them a little, said he'd like them, and loaned him the tape. Jimmy enjoyed it so much he went to one of their concerts.👍🏻

During the 1980's, The Fools independently released a video for their song World Dance Party. It was the only Fools song to gain national airplay---I even saw it on MTV. They never became a big success, and continue playing in the Boston area. But I'm glad they were able to share their silliness with a broader audience, if only for a little while.🎤

This one was a hit in Boston, and remains a personal favorite.
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