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A boy named John is born into a world of war. Only a small sample of book
         John was born in a cell, like so many before him. His mother was a Abronian, and his father a strange breed of Vox leaving his skin a slight tint of blue and pointed ears. Nomader the race however, the guards unlocked the cell at his birth and left with the child. Of course with every child that was born is the general vicinity of the prison, the boy would be taken to training immediately after birth to become a ranked soldier or a sentry for the fleet. So says the degree of the council, and if anyone objects then a marking would be slashed on their wrist to represent strike one. Three strikes and their were put in prison. Seven strikes and they are put on death row, or in extreme cases the front lines of the war. So as you can guess, no one objected to the taking away of John.
         The guards transported the child to the north, into a small encampment near the cliffs of Delerian where he was to be raised in the house of master Defro, noble of the cliffs. The trip was short, and led through the great forests of Tyrddrah. Every child was from the prison was led down the same road every single birth. But so was was the sad truth of the war-torn world.

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