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A poem I wrote reflecting on the state of race relations in the world toda.
Young thugs, ~1~
The Crips and the Bloods, ~2~
Believe they all are on drugs, ~3~
Because they are different from us. ~4~

They’re pickin’ up guns. ~5~
Through the streets they run, ~6~
Lives coming undone, ~7~
If we knew the truth we’d be stunned. ~8~

Taking lives, ~9~
Like they won’t die. ~10~
Learning to despise, ~11~
Not to compromise. ~12~
They’ve been advised, ~13~
Anyone not like them will tell lies. ~14~

Think their bulletproof. ~15~
Acting so aloof, ~16~
Believing they’re shatterproof, ~17~
The state has the burden of proof. ~18~

Killin’ each other, ~19~
One after another. ~20~
Standing out on the street corner, ~21~
Trying to find the childhood of former, ~22~
Feeling responsibility not to be an underperformer. ~23~

It needs to stop, ~24~
Quit talkin’ shit like words are a prop, ~25~
Acting like you can drop, ~26~
Judgment on people while revering the cops. ~27~

‘Cause what you say can show respect, ~28~
Or it can have the opposite effect. ~29~
Leaving too many victims with lives wrecked, ~30~
Look at young brotha’s locked up, whose lives we neglect. ~31~

Then throw them out in the world on their own, ~32~
While we’re quick to cast the first stone, ~33~
Thugs need love too, they don’t want to be alone, ~34~
But you’re too damn afraid of the unknown. ~35~

Can’t meet their basic needs, ~36~
Too busy focusing on their misdeeds. ~37~
Ignore the fact that we impede, ~38~
Pretend their not fatigued, ~39~
of running from what precedes, ~40~
The failure they deem their creeds
Man, they just want to succeed, ~41~

Must they stay down on their knees
Trying to appease, ~42~
Never feeling at ease. ~43~
Around people who act like they have a disease. ~44~

It is with their lives that we are playing, ~45~
While they sit and wait for the next slaying, ~46~
And you have the balls to sit back and keep saying, ~47~
It is a price they must keep paying. ~48~
Because their image is different than the fakeness you are displaying. ~49~

Like we are so fuckin’ perfect. ~50~
While the facts we deflect, ~51~
Keep believing they have no regrets. ~52~
Think of the attitudes that we project, ~53~
That show how much we neglect, ~54~
Feelings that we all recollect. ~55~

Is it any wonder they don’t care, ~56~
Pretend to be aware. ~57~
Act like it’s their affair, ~58~
That they live in a nightmare. ~59~
Warn others to beware, ~60~
While we sit back and compare, ~61~
Think there’s nothing to repair. ~62~

Black lives matter, ~63~
But they think they won’t shatter. ~64~
Or one day be splattered, ~65~
When the bullets start to scatter. ~66~

The movement rocks, ~67~
Yet people are shocked
Think the civil rights movement stopped
Poverty and judgment that we concoct. ~68~
Agree we should keep the doors locked, ~69~
Cause if we look in the mirror we’d see how low humanity has dropped. ~70~

Yeah racism still exists, ~71~
Even when you deny that shit. ~72~
Think they live in the abyss, ~73~
We’re not the reason they resist…
Half hearted, bullshit attempts to assist. ~74~

Ask why? ~75~
Won’t get a reply, ~76~
We’ve all come to rely
On what we see in our mind’s eye. ~77~

We think we can command, ~78~
Something we don’t understand. ~79~
Think we’ve lived first hand, ~80~
The horrors they withstand. ~81~
And wonder why they live or die with a gun in their hand, ~82~

Survival depends on fitting in, ~83~
Even if it means committing a sin. ~84~
Much to our chagrin, ~85~
We’ve never experienced the same tailspin. ~86~
From the safety of our homes we can’t even begin, ~87~
To understand where they have been. ~88~

No one is perfect, though all that aside, ~89~
It doesn’t give us the right to commit genocide. ~90~
We don’t have to hide, ~91~
The tears that we cry
Or live alongside, ~92~
Enemies with whom we collide. ~93~

Cops shoot first ask questions later, ~94~
And young thugs get blamed like they’re the haters
Think we can deal with this later, ~95~
Act like we’re spectators, ~96~
When really we’re perpetrators. ~97~

Social media has provided the forum, ~98~
For people to act like they’ve been taught no decorum. ~99~
If there were choices they’d explore them. ~100~
Kindness could restore him. ~101~
Instead we act like we abhor the mayhem, ~102~
Like we didn’t contribute to it when we sat and condemned. ~103~

Say things they’d never say to a person’s face, ~104~
What the hell have we done to the human race? ~105~
Act like they’re a disgrace, ~106~
Like lives aren’t being erased. ~107~
And we sit back and embrace, ~108~
Father’s and mother’s they’ve had to replace. ~109~

People think they can be any way they want. ~110~
What are our kids learning, I’m so distraught. ~111~
Parent’s can’t afford to continue to have this blind spot. ~112~
Color doesn’t make one an afterthought, ~113~
This hatred erases all the love that you taught. ~114~

Words that are heard, ~115~
Show ignorance, it’s so absurd. ~116~
Lines have been blurred, ~117~
While we hear only what we wanted to be heard. ~118~

Making up lies
Just to justify, ~119~
To continue to swear we tried, ~120~
If you aren’t the solution you’re the problem, that can’t be denied. ~121~

People so quick to speak, ~122~
To give their critique, ~123~
Over something so unique, ~124~
Continuing their word streak, ~125~
Not realizing it shows they are weak

Defamatory, explanatory, inflammatory, ~126~
Prohibitory, derogatory, retaliatory, ~127~
Looking for society to be reformatory. ~128~
Judging another’s territory, ~129~
When they just don’t know the story. ~130~

People say they aren’t to blame, ~131~
Feel no shame, ~132~
While others are out to explain, ~133~
Words they proclaim, ~134~
that fans the flames. ~135~

Of hatred long held, ~136~
Hiding faces, makes it easier to be compelled, ~137~
To hate without reason, ~138~ teaching the young generation
To divide this nation

Marting Luther King, yeah he had a dream, ~139~
Violated his words to the extreme. ~140~
Everyone wants to be supreme’
People, hatin’ those who see mainstream, ~141~
All they see is a color scheme. ~142~
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