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Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2074464
Not everything is as it appears to be. You will have to read on to find out why.

Control Rings

     “What is that thing?” Morgeana took a step back when that thing entered her house with her mate, Robbort, beside it. It didn’t even have a Control Ring around its neck. “Where did you get that?”

     “I found it on my way home from work. He started following me. And I couldn’t get rid of it. So I brought it home instead. The kids have been begging us for a pet anyway.”

     Morgeana turned and left that room. But she kept talking to Robbort. “I thought we weren’t going to give them a pet until they got a little older.”

     “We did. But what else was I supposed to do? I tried to get rid of it. It almost got killed three time by Transports while crossing the roads between here and work. If I didn’t bring it home, it would just get itself killed. After all, they are just dumb animals aren’t they?”

     “I don’t like it. And I want it out of my house as soon as possible. Hide it before the kids get down here to eat. Which will be ready in a few minutes.”

     Robbort swatted their new pet on its head. “Don’t worry. I’ll talk her into it. I agree with her about the kids not seeing you just yet. Go into the next room and get some sleep. I’ll bring you in some food to eat in a little bit.”

     The new family pet left that room whimpering into the room that Robbort pointed out to him. A few seconds later Morgeana re-entered that room. “Contact the kids. Our food for the day is ready.”

     Glancing around the room quickly Morgeana continued. “Where is that animal? What did you do with it?”

     “I put it in the storage room.” Robbort walked over to the stairs leading upstairs and pushed a small red button on the wall next to it. Then he peered up those stairs to see four red lights flickering above four doors. Two open doors also had lights flashing within them.

     “You were supposed to put it out that door.” Morgeana pointed toward the door they just came in. “It didn’t even have a Control Ring. Which means it’s wild. I don’t want a wild animal in my house.”

     “It’s not wild. I saw an indenture on its neck. It must have fallen off. As for the ring, I think I one around the house somewhere from when I was a kid. If not, I’ll get one tomorrow.”

     “Don’t even bother looking. I want it out of here tomorrow.” Morgeana left that room again when their four children came bounding down the stairs. Two females who looked just like their mother. And two males who could be their father if not for their ages and heights.


     A couple of hours later Robbort brought his new pet something to eat. When he entered that storage room he’s the one who had to take a step back with a shocked look on his face. He rubbed his eyes. And blinked several times. In front of Robbort several objects in that room where floating in midair. Suddenly one of those objects headed four outstretched hand of the animal within. “What’s going on in here.”

     All the objects fell to the floor. A couple shattering into pieces when they do. “I didn’t see that. No, you couldn’t have done that. You aren’t capital of doing that – are you?”

     Robbort walked up to his new pet and looked it over from head to foot and front to back. “I must be dreaming. That’s it. This is all a dream. It has to be. If it isn’t, do what you were just doing again.”

     For about a minute nothing happened. The animal just had a blank confused look on its face. Then suddenly several objects started hovering again. “It’s not a dream. It is a nightmare. Can all of you do that?”

     Placing the food on the floor next to the animal Robbort slowly, but quickly, backed out of that room. He bumped into the door latch because he was staring at the animal. Robbort reached behind him and unlatched the door. Then quickly exited that room.


     “Maybe that’s why it’s The Law for them to wear Control Rings. Could it be that’s what stops them from using their powers to gain their freedom? If it is we could be in real danger as the dominate races on this planet.”

     “Did you say something Robbort?” Morgeana had to shout a little to be heard.

     Robbort raised his voice some too. “I was just talking to myself again.”

     As Robbort passed a floor to ceiling Image Reflecting wall panel he stopped to look at himself. He rubbed his eyes once more with his thick hairy hands. What he saw staring back at him appeared to be a dog walking upright. But instead of paws he had fingers and hands.

     “You were right Morgeana. We have to get rid of that human as soon as we can. Especially if I can’t find that Control Ring.” Robbort walked into the eating room.

     Morgeana had just finished picking up the leftovers of their eating when Robbort entered. “I’m happy you changed your mind. But why did you do it?”

     Robbort didn’t say anything. He just stared at Morgeana. Who looked just like a cat – standing up on its back legs. But instead of paws she also had fingers and hands.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2074464