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by catdok
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest · #2074480
Poem about a pet with strange powers
My New Pet

I found that things
Had gone astray
When my new pet
Came to stay

At first I thought
It just looked odd
Part turkey, turtle,
Lynx, and cod

But once it settled
In my home
Little things
Began to roam

I'd find my phone
In some strange spot
My glasses in
A cooking pot

The milk was in
My den's alcove
The bread was strewn
Across the stove

"Oh No," said I
"A poltergeist!
My house is haunted
Ain't that nice!"

Then the truth
I finally found
My pet was floating
Things around

I was in shock
And in dismay
I thought that pet
Could never stay

But with time
I came to know
I didn't want
My pet to go

For now while I
Watch my TV
It teleports
My snacks to me
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