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Brief, bullet-pointed character profile of my character Kian.
KIAN - nb (they/them), 25

- Irish born and raised so pale skin, covered in freckles, dark curly hair (wears it kinda long and messy) light blue eyes. Square jaw with the slightest covering of stubble along their chin and cheeks. shorter than the others (about 5’4”) and a stockier build (broad shoulders and chest, hips are slightly thinner but not by much) well muscled with a small layer of pudge over it.

- Wears combat fatigues on most jobs, along with a close fitting shirt. outside of jobs they favour tight jeans and looser shirts, usually with some sort of design on them as well as their favourite jacket, a fitted leather thing that clings when its zipped up and when its unzipped it frames their hips wonderfully.

- Always has eyeliner on. And usually some dark shade of nail polish. They love things that make their eyes pop so they wear dark colours as much as possible

- Knows mma and prefers to be in cqc. their favourite weapons are easily concealed pistols and a wide array of knives (they have a whole collection theyre very proud of) their speciality is torture and they know the best ways to cause pain and make it stay.

- They don’t have much say in the plans, they generally just do what they’re told by Cirra or Nolan (a habit that carried over from their early career when they were expected to do as told and present the information requested at the end of the job)

- Very talkative and flirtatious, every time they go out they have no trouble finding someone to bring into bed with them. They smile 95% of the time, the only times theyre not smiling is usually when its to prove a point.

- Even though they complain about it they are definitely the baby of the group, the youngest and, in some ways, the least mature even though they know more about pain and the human body than both the others combined.

- Though they have an on-again-off-again relationship with Nolan they also sleep with a lot of other people, mostly because they love variety in their sex life. Different people, different places, different positions, but because they’re generally demanding in bed (needing more, or less or just a different position) most people cant handle sleeping with them more than once. (Nolan’s the only person they’ve slept with multiple times because his biggest turn on is pleasing his partner so he’s more than happy to go along with whatever Kian wants.)

- Though Kian’s never said it outloud they love Nolan a little bit, and they appreciate everything he does for them, from late night drives, to always being able to pick them up from their one night stands (even though they know it makes him jealous, that just makes them appreciate it even more). Kian probably won’t ever say it, but they’re pretty sure Nolan knows.

- Kian kind of adores Cirra. Ne’s like the mother they never knew and ne means the world to them, beyond the fact that they have food and a house and a life because of nem. This means that sometimes Kian is too eager to please Cirra, but never in a way that negatively impacts their jobs.

- The crew is the only family they’ve ever really known (the people who raised them didn’t care for them and Kian didnt blame them.) and though they sometimes have anxieties of being unwanted and left behind Cirra or Nolan are always there to easy Kian’s fears.
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