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Brief bullet-pointed character profile of my character Nolan.
NOLAN - male, 32

- Dark skin, dyed blonde hair (kinda close-cut, but with enough length to grip), brown eyes, rounded jaw, broken nose, high cheekbones.
Is average height (about 5’10”), slim build, well muscled, not a lot of padding over it (Think kinda ‘captain america’ build but with narrower shoulders)

- Generally wears combat fatigues and a tight-fitting shirt, wears a bulletproof vest whenever he’s somewhere he doesn’t know. Usually equipped with a knife belt and hip-holster.

- Can use most weapons but prefers mid-range one. His usual arsenal includes assault rifles, smgs and high powered pistols and occasionally throwing knives.

- Is smart, a good tactical thinker. dabbles in torture work but mostly leaves that to Kian, often just hangs in the background as additional intimidation for their marks.

- Can be quiet and not a big talker, but when it’s just the three of them he’s as talkative as Kian.

- Has an undefined on-again-off-again style relationship with Kian (and sometimes gets a little jealous when Kian comes back from one night stands, but he’s used to it and he knows that he’s the only one Kian comes back to again and again so it soothes his hurt)

- Has a late-night routine with Kian where (usually after picking them up from a one night stand) they’ll drive through the city and stop at a McDonald’s where Kian will get a caramel shake and Nolan will get a cheeseburger meal and then they’ll take the scenic route out of the city before looping back around to go home.

- He’s actually pretty protective of Kian in his own way. He’ll let Kian fuck whoever they want and however they want (and knows that if Kian comes back with marks they either asked for them, or the person who made them got what they deserved) but will keep them eating healthily and will tuck them into bed when they get home from a job (or one of their late night drives) and will make sure they’re all clean and keep them away from hardcore drugs.

- He has an incredible amount of respect for Cirra and always trusts nir judgement on jobs and marks. It’s not the same kind of respect that Kian has for nir, but it’s on an equal level.
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