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by LydiaO
Rated: E · Article · Educational · #2074509
This article is about the dangers that over the road truck drivers face on a daily basis.
A Truckers Right to Bear Arms.

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states... "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Gun rights and laws has been a sensitive subject over the last few years. The cause for alarm among American citizens due to all of the mass shootings is understandable. It's an appalling fact that as our troops fight on foreign land to protect us, we have to fight random acts of violence and terrorism in our own backyard. As a result of these troublesome occurrences, there are some who lobby for stricter gun laws. Who wish to do away with our second amendment rights. Would this solve the problem? While Americans stand, divided regarding gun laws and its effects on society. It's imperative to weigh the pros and not allow the cons to overshadow our judgement.
My wife and I as military veterans, truck drivers and proud American citizens support the second amendment. The military educates servicemen and women on the proper use and care of a firearm. There are also firearms training classes available to those who wish to learn. Proper training makes gun owners more responsible and aware! Thorough background checks, including criminal and mental health can also reduce the release of guns into the wrong hands. Why should responsible citizens be penalized for the acts of others? We own the right as American citizens to protect ourselves as well as our families. No matter how nice or safe you think your neighborhood may be, citizens are at risk everywhere for robberies and home invasions.
Over the past few years' truck drivers have been fighting for a right we deserve. We are at risk on a daily basis, therefore the right for us to carry a gun on our person and in our truck should be a no brainer. Unfortunately, the government thinks otherwise! Truck drivers transport high value loads that may be worth millions of dollars. Criminals often times stalk transport trucks on the highways, byway's and back-roads. They lay in wait at truck stops waiting for a moment of vulnerability, then take advantage of the opportunity. These thieves may not be aware of the contents of the trailer or the value of the load., they do know that whatever we are hauling has a street value. They are also smart enough to know when a truck is loaded as well. This is enough to keep us on high alert at all times!
Regardless of loaded or empty, we are prime targets for robbery. Many people know drivers in the trucking industry make a good living. Criminals are killing drivers for a few dollars and the electronics we may have in the sleeper of our truck. The fact that we are preyed upon in vulnerable situations and the fact that we continue to transport goods to keep America striving in despite of the danger should be enough to pass Mike's Law.
Mike's Law was created in honor of Mike Boeglin a murdered driver. On June 27, 2014, Mr. Boeglin's body was found in the cab of his burned Freightliner truck. The gunshot wounds are what caused his death. His widow was pregnant at the time; this child will never know his father.
o          Another incident of violence is when a 54-year-old truck driver was shot multiple times in a botched robbery attempt at a truck stop in Aiken, South Carolina.
o          In a fit of rage, a motorist opened fired on a truck driver on interstate 44 near Sullivan, Missouri. Thank God the driver was not killed, but this is an act of violence upon a truck driver that is inexcusable.
o          Most recently, a trucker for U-Ship was shot and murdered by a masked gunman in Memphis, Tennessee on January 9, 2014. Lonnie Ludvigsson a 12-year cancer survivor and Operation Desert Storm Veteran was approached and ordered out of his truck. Lonnie Ludvigsson attempted to flee from the gunman, but he was shot and killed. It's a shame this man who survived cancer and returned from war in one piece was killed by low- life criminals in the same country he fought to protect.
These are just a couple of the tragedies that should make it easy for legislation of Mike's Law to be passed.
Some may make the statement that these are the risks we signed up for when choosing line- haul trucking as a profession. The statement is true, but also cold- hearted! Where is the respect for the men and women who keep food on grocers' shelves, fuel in gas pumps and other luxuries that Americans enjoy in circulation? It's a dangerous job so why not properly equip those who are bold enough to risk their lives to keep America going.
Support the passing of Mike's Law! This legislation will enable truckers to obtain a federal business carry permit. Granting the legal right to carry for personal and load protection will save the lives of many truck drivers. It will also send a message to the criminals that we are not going to continue to allow them to victimize truck drivers. I'm thankful for James Lamb of the Small Business in Transportation Coalition for starting the petition. James Lamb now has 11,653 active supporters with a goal of 15,000. It reassures me to know that there is someone who cares enough to fight for the rights of truckers. I hope this article inspires others to sign the petition and fight for the rights of truckers.


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