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This is just a short horror story. I'm sorry if my English is bad :/
It was a long day at my office. I had to finish some things before the weekend started. There were only a few people left in the office. I was sitting behind my computer and I was working on an email. I had to google something about a company I was writing about. It was called 'The Dark" It is a insurance company. When I wanted to click on their site I misclicked and I clicked the pictures. I didn't pay much attention to the pictures I saw however I remember it was a bit odd that all the pictures I saw of the company were taken at night. I sent the mail about the insurance of my office to the company. It wasn't a very special email, just the things I had to write every week trying to find the cheapest and best insurance for my office.

A few days later I got a weird email back. I didn't feel very comfortable reading it, it was like they were predicting the future. Although I can be a bit superstitious but I know that no one can predict the future. This was what the email said:


A few day back we got an email from your company about our company and the quality and prices of our insurances. We can insure you that you will need us as your insurance provider. This is not a salesman technique, this is serious. We know that someone in your company will have a small accident. You don't have to believe me, but we have the right insurance for small accidents. I hope you will contact us so we can talk about the price.

Huntsman Company

I forwarded this email to my boss, Maria. She arranged a meeting with me. We talked about the email and we decided to ignore it. This must be some kind of manipulation to get people to buy their insurances. A few days later I was sitting behind my computer and I was writing an article when I heard a scream from the room next to me. I stood up and ran to the room. I saw Sarah sitting on the floor. Her wrist was in a weird position. I saw tears in her eyes. Behind me stood Eric. I looked at him and told him to call the police. I sat down next to Sarah and said that everything will be okay, the ambulance will arrive in ten or fifteen minutes. Sarah calmed down. I was right about the time because twelve minutes later two men entered the room. They slowly lifted Sarah of the ground and took her to the ambulance.

I felt very uncomfortable. I had another meeting with Maria talking about Sarah's accident. We were talking when I heard a loud ping coming from my phone. I apologized and grabbed my phone to turn the sound off. The text I saw gave me goosebumps. I froze while looking at it. "Didn't I tell you so?" I got another text, and another one, and another one. All of the texts were the same message.
Didn't I tell you so?
Didn't I tell you so?
Didn't I tell you so?
Maria stood up and looked at my phone. She froze as well. We stood there for a couple of minutes looking at my phone. She was the first to talk again. "Well, I don't know what to do know, maybe we should call the police." At the moment she said that I received another message.
Don't call the police.
I heard Maria grasping for air. I asked her what we could do. She said she had an idea. I gave her my phone and she wrote a text. "What are we supposed to do?"
You know the site. Hit the accept button.
Maria turned on her computer. She asked me the name of the company. I told it to her. When she opened it there was nothing to see, only a big accept button. She clicked the button. At the moment she did it I got a strange feeling in my stomach. The lights in the room turned off. The only light we saw came from the computer screen. There was a lot of text and when Maria scrolled down we could see the accept button. She clicked it again.

It became totally dark in the room. All I could hear was the breath of Maria. I heard her sitting down. I realized I was walking to the door. I wanted to stop and say something but I couldn't. I heard Maria typing although the screen of her computer was still black. I didn't have any control over my body. I walked to my room and sat down. It was dark in my room as well, however I didn't bump into anything. I started typing and looking at a black screen. I was typing weird words, in an odd language. Suddenly I realized my screen wasn't black, it looked like it but I could see the words I was typing in even darker letters.

I don't know how long I have been typing. It could be seconds, hours or days. Sometimes I get the control of my body back, in those moments I started typing this story. Let this be a lesson to all of you, if you ever see an insurance company called "The Dark" whatever you do, don't hit accept...
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