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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2074696
294 word POV of a game character
The young hunter Spider Strongbow stood in the middle of the cobble-stone road and gazed at the mighty spires of the his home city still two mile away.

When his father was a child the land around the city walls was cleared for farming as well as the ability to see encroaching enemy clans. This worked well, but in the wee hours of the morning their were still many kinds of predators, and Spider knew them all: giant rats, scorpions, fire bats. He even encountered twenty bandits and thieves.

The hunter moved off the road a few hundred feet and scaled the prickly fence. He could deal with stupid animals, but wasn't sure how he would fare right now against the humans who preyed on travelers.

The hunter took a swig from his flask and immediately felt recharged. He then took the valuable Mug of Morning Brew from his belt pack and checked the temperature. Spyder wasn't sure what it was for, but it seemed imperative that it not get cold.

Strongbow had been taught a Small Fireball Spell. It didn't last long, and it was only meant for starting fires, but it heated the precious liquid enough to last a few hours.

From the trees to the city wall he had to kill only two or three rabid dogs. He muttered a few words to the guard and slipped through the side door. The sun hadn't yet risen, so he still had time.

Spyder found his mentor in her laboratory and handed her the mug. She smiled at him and said, “I see you've brought me my tea. I have something for you as well.”

Suddenly a loud bell pealed and the hunter looked up, beaming with pride at the message: “Level 6.”
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