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Blizzard's first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is under review
Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's first MOBA (Massively/Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Unfortunately by way of comparison, it is the first of the style of genre that I played of it too. The premise of all this type game is the same.You start the match one of a team of heroes with the design to destroy your enemies fortress on the other side of the map, while defending the destruction of yours. From what I've heard the biggest difference between "Heroes" and other popular MOBA's "DOTA2" and "LoL" is that the maps in "Heroes" have varying objectives making each match feel unique.
More specifics about the game. Characters are divided into 4 classes Warrior, Assassin, Support and Specialist. Each character comes from one of three Blizzard universes Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. Characters are bought with real money or through micro-transaction. You get gold at the end of each match, more if you win and there are daily quests.
Game modes include Vs. AI, Quick Match, Ranked and Team Play. There's also a "try" mode that lets you test out a character before you decide to purchase him/her and a replay mode for showing off all your comebacks.
In presentation, the menu layout has a cool design. The background has this translucent grid pattern with planets and other celestial props. Players are zapped into the nexus like a bolt of lightning when resurrected and the screen makes a cracked glass effect when your slain.
The graphics of Heroes of the Storm are sharp and smooth. The game is constantly undergoing upgrades through weekly patches. Each character is well-interpreted in their being brought over to the "nexus" and are given custom skin models to keep thing fresh and exciting. In the audio department, each unique map has its own befitting music to go with it, some times borrowing musical themes they include from the game they may represent. The sound effects are great. Voices, attacks and everything in between are really authentic and are of a high quality.
Now onto the meat of the game, game-play. Having the option the switch up classes with each new match keeps things fresh, though you're better off at first sticking with what you work best with. Depending on what class you pick and your specific character's attributes, will determine your role and how the game your in plays out.
Support characters, for instance, are expected to provided heals and shields. Assassins sneak in and finish off weakened enemies well fortified Warrior classes have already had their way with. While Specialists do a little bit of everything in between. I mostly play Assassins and Warriors, they best suit my play style. Support characters can be integral in parts of a match and Specialists while having their quirks are important too.
I've drawn a lot of excitement from this free gift Blizzard has bestow upon us. Seeing some of my favorite Blizzard characters fully realized, interpreted, and most of all playable in the mix with one another is truly unique. With a great community, an ever changing roster, events, arenas. The nexus is a great place to log many an internet gaming hour.
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