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My son is the most important person in my life. This is one of the first pieces I wrote.
When I found out that I was pregnant I was scared,
Luckily at 16 I had a mom who cared.

I had gone to my ultrasound unprepared,
At first we all thought we were visually impaired.

What we saw was not just a heartbeat but,
Two little hands and two little feet.

It was very hard to keep myself together,
Daddy dropped to his knees crying, not doing much better.

Head feet, hands and spine.
Growing in my belly, you were forever mine.

Six months, one week and four days,
We had very little time to change our ways.

Pumis and Aunty Vikki planned my shower,
At this point i was about ready to holler.

I was so excited for you to enter this world with me,
we had your bedroom set up for everyone to see.

When you arrived, something had changed inside my body,
I now felt I was ready to be a mommy.

Dressed in white and buckled in green,
Luckily back then you weren’t the type to scream.

You slept the entire car ride home,
Mommy and daddy glad to be alone.

We got home and you were still asleep,
So i tucked you in, kissing your feet.

Everyone came to visit the next day,
Mommy was so tired, praying they won’t stay.

Bath time was not your favorite,
Actually, if i remember correctly, i think you hated it.

Pumis loved to hold you and make you laugh,
She would always giggle when you passed gas.

For a newborn baby you slept like a rock,
Mommy not able to sleep, watching the clock.

You slept through the night until you were two,
I’m not sure what happened but you were threw.

You threw tantrums like crazy and wouldn’t sleep,
Almost making mommy cry and weep.

You were the sweetest little boy when you wanted to be,
No doubt about it, everyone could see.

You started preschool last year and you did great,
Now I'm scrambling around for kindergarten hoping you won’t be late.

The years will fly but this I know,
Though I will not ever be ready to let you go.

I know that I didn't do my best,
I was a single teen mom, I had to learn the rest.

It was a long road and a hard one too,
But, I’ve always made sure that you know I love you.

You've gone through tough times for a six year old boy,
But have still managed to be a little bundle of joy.

Though you’re still a handful and you still make me mad,
I wouldn’t change it for the world, for having you I am glad.

I'm thankful for Crandall helping me,
Now I can’t wait to see the man you will be.

I will continue to love you and continue to try,
I just can't promise I will never cry.

It’s going to be a crazy tough ride,
but, that’s okay because you are by my side.

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