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A selection of resources to help our members along.
Tools to Get Started

Basal Metabolic Rate   (Daily calorie requirements based on your lifestyle type.)
Body Mass Index   (Basic height and weight.)
Body Fat Calculator   (Body fat based on height, weight and measurements of specific body parts.)
Helps people improve their fitness and eating habits  
"Daily Health Log Printable one-page document used to track meals, water intake, weight/measurements, feelings, and future plans

Healthy Eating and Calorie Information

Free online calorie counter  
Another Calorie Counter  
Centers for Disease Control: Getting Started  
Atkins Recipes  
If you are craving this; eat that instead!  
Eat This, Not That   Tons of tips on what to eat for certain areas of your body you'd like to target and great general eating tips, too.{/x-link} (Provided by Innerlight' prays at twilight )
Women's Day 4-Week Meal Plan   (You may need to increase the calories a bit depending on your basal metabolic rate, but it's easy to add in extra snacks.)
healthyeating.org   Search for recipes by food group or by a specific recipe.
Mayo Clinic Fat Calculator and Info  

Fitness and Exercise

A great program to follow to go from sitting around all day to running (or walking) a 5K!  
WebMD Fitness   (Fitness info from WebMD)
Free Yoga Videos on Everything   (Free videos from beginner through advanced and many that focus on specific needs (back, core strength, peace and harmony.)
My Fitness Pal  
Map My Fitness  
Easy Ways to Start Exercising   (Provided by Innerlight' prays at twilight )
Top 10 Abs Exercises   (Provided by Innerlight' prays at twilight )
6 Reasons You're Not Losing Belly Fat   (Provided by Innerlight' prays at twilight )

Links Covering Several Areas of Health and Wellness (exercise, eating, general info)

Patient Info   Covers everything from general health to specific ailments to recipes and fitness (Provided by Innerlight' prays at twilight )

General Medical Information

Mayo Clinic   (Main link to The Mayo Clinic.)
WebMD   (Main link to WebMD.)
National Institute of Health   (Main link to NIH.)

Myths Most People Believe

6 Secrets You Don't Know About Skim Milk  
9 Foods You Shouldn't Eat or Substitute for Low-Fat  
The Skinny on Fat  
5 Myths About Carbohydrates  

Mental Health

National Alliance for Mental Illness   (Main link to NAMI.)

Phone or Tablet Apps

C25K Free app from iTunes  
C25K free Android App  

General Group Member Contributions

"How Many Sticks of Butter Have You Lost?"   [E] by Patrece~She's back. Visit TLC! (A great visual on pounds gained or lost.)
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor (A place to seek non-medical advice.)
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