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of love and loss
I climbed a tree today to wish you happy new year
You were nowhere I looked around and you were not here
I hear the sound of old guitars
Remember passings
I think of you. you're not around and I am still here
Why I remember in your bed we had it all dear, all the laughter
I hope the listener can figure out you are not here
And how all the laughter disappeared
'cause you are not here

Sometimes I want to throw myself off taller buildings
I could just let them out
Burst into tears or something
How could I let you out of
what was best for me
Las Vegas nights are brighter
Its night sky now too cloudy
I can not see the shooting stars or hear pal call out "howdy"
Remember 60's acts, the crowd would roar in laughter
How all that laughter disappeared
When you were not here

I spin around, I lose my mind then I fall down
Because my mem'ry is so unkind to me
Keep thinking of you constantly

I know I died when I was three but, that was diff'rent
Before I met you, saw you smile and heard you giggle
I know it's crazy in my mind you're in that blue dress
The one that had that white bow tied
The one that made you gift-wrapped
Now all I do is suffer from gyromancy
I spin around, so dizzy
But, I can't spell anything

And all the people, might be just there laughing at me
But, diddint you hear
That all the laughter disappeared
When you were not here
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