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a girl who discovered a ghost in her house..
I woke up to the sound coming from the basement. I got up and stared into the dark. I checked my bed to see if there was any monsters before I left to check out what the sound was. I looked under and there was nothing there except a ripped note. "I will suck your blood" . I had no idea what the note meant. It was marked with dark-crimson blood. I knew what that meant. I got up to my feet shaking and trembling. I walked down the stairs as the wood creaked. something flew past me and i stumbled on the stairs. "ow!" I shrieked. what a fall that was, i whispered under my breath. I got up and saw my toe nail chipped off. It was bleeding. I turned on the lights that lead to the kitchen. I walked inside and got a bandage. I wrapped it around. "you will...follow me...". i looked around and I heard whispers, nothing more. I looked on the ground. There was blood stains smeared across the floor leading to the basement. It wasn't there before. I opened the cabinets and got a huge sharp knife. When I looked closer...it was stained with blood. I took it and started walking. I opened the door. The light switch was on. I looked around. There was balloons and a cake. "wooooo" "thank god its nothing more" I said out loud. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" Thanks guys. You sure gave me a heart attack. Everyone chuckled. I started drinking and partying. "hey babe". "oh my gosh Mike your back"! I jumped into his arms. "Still as noisy as ever huh vall?" he smirked. He grabbed my hand. "I want to show you something". I followed him through the dark. "Mike where r we going?" I asked. He turned and what i saw....wasn't him. I pushed him against the wall and started running. It was pitch black. I gasped for air. "you..will never leave..." Shut up! I covered my ears. "Mike!MIKE!mike! where are you?!" I shouted. I heard jus echoes. What is this place!!!!!!!! Someone help me!!! I shrieked out. I saw a handle and quickly pushed it open. "Babe where were-" "MIKE!". Woah why do you look like you saw a ghost? he asked. This isn't a joke MIKE. Somethings out there. He leaned and kissed me. Hip lips were cold. His hand...were pale...our lips parted and he laid back and bones popped out. "what!" I shrieked out. He turned...into a hollow...
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