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by Angie
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Here I am, making my way to the principal's office for something that I didn't do; I just were sitting on the back of the class as always, looking through the window distracted, when suddenly I heard Mrs.Collins voice calling me and asking me something about the class, of course I didn't know the answer since I wasn't paying attention to class, so all I say was ''I don't know'', she just make her typical disappointment face and tell me to pay attention; she turn back to the board, everything was calm, until one of my classmates say out loud '' whatever you say, big fat old lady'' his voice was similar to mine, so that confused the teacher and she though it was me, I complain, but of course she didn't believe me since I am a ''troublemaker'', and now I am on my way to the office, great.

Already in front of the door of the office, I took a deep breath and then knock at the door calmly, I visit the office often; until the secretary shout ''come in''.

I took another deep breath and open the door slowly, allowing me to see the inside of the secretary office, Ms.Lawrence; she got her eyes out of the computer to look at me.

''what did you do this time Mr.Glasgow?'' Ms.Lawrence asked while her eyes were looking at me tired.

As I said before, I visit the principal's office often, really often.......don't judge me, I'm not a saint.

''the question is Ms.Lala...'' I took a seat relaxed and put my arms behind my neck,'' what I didn't do?''

A smile came out of her lips.

''more respect, child.'' she turn her eyes back to the computer smiling. ''so... what you didn't do?''

I took a deep breath.

''Mrs. Collins thought I was disrespectful to her, but it wasn't me, I didn't say anything.'' I closed my eyes. ''she hates me.'' I open my eyes and looked at her.'' every single teacher in this school hates me, even the teachers that doesn't teach me hates me, that is so cool.''

''nobody hates you darling.'' she gave me a sweet look, I love this woman.'' is not their fault that you are a lost case, messy.''

''well, this year and the next one and I done with school, so one more year and I gone.'' I fold my arms on my chest.

''anyways'' she turned her eyes back to the computer. ''Mr, Williams is waiting for you''. She means to the principal, who is call by me.....''Mr. egghead.

His head just remind me of an egg, the first time I step in this school and the first time I saw him what I thought when I saw his head was an egg, now everybody in this school know him as Mr. egghead, he still looking for that one person who gave him that nickname, and nobody knows except for me and my friends, that it was me.....and now you guys know so quite, don't tell him, its a secret shhh..

I took a deep breath, (I take a lot of deep breath) and slowly stand up of my seat and walk to the principal office.

I open the door slowly and with my eyes I study the principal office, which is so similar, nothing never change, same mini library, same curtains, same computer, same pictures and the same Mr. egghead with his typical stress face, yep, nothing never change.

''sup Williams?'' I walk toward him and seat in one of the seat in front of his table, with a hypocrite smile.'' when was the last time I saw you?'' I put a finger on my forehead, acting like if I was thinking.'' oh yes, last week, Jason still hating me because of that prank.'' I smiled.

I saw how a fake smile got on his lips.

'' Mr. James Glasgow.'' he stop looking at the computer to look at me, with the same fake smile.'' what did you do this time?''

''do I have to do something wrong for end up on your office? What about if I just want to say hi to my favorite principal? that's a shame.'' I put my hand on my chest.

He took a deep breath while closing his eyes and opening them again.

''for real James, what you did this time?'' he said serious, which make me delete the smile of my face.

I search in one of my pockets the note that Mrs. Collins send to Mr.egghead; I put the piece of paper on his table in front of him.

''the question is sir, what I didn't do?'' I fold my arms.

He took the piece of paper without taking away his eyes of me. He unfold the piece of paper and start to reading it, I saw how a smile form on his lips, a fake one of course.

''you didn't do anything and Mrs. Collins is complaining about disrespectful behavior in class? wow Mr. Glasgow, you fall to low this time''. he looked at me disappointed.

''look Willis'' that was his 'formal' nickname "it wasn't me, I'm trying hard not to see your face this week''. I said.

'' it doesn't look like'' he said '' why did you call her 'big fat old lady'?''he took away his glasses and put then on the table.

I just stare at his eyes and he did the same, i don't even know what to say , they won't believe me anyways.

'' i don't know why but every time i see you, something tells me that you were the one who gave me the name of 'Mr.Egghead' '' he said.

I start to lough, loudly, i don't even know why it sound so funny coming out of his lips; a tear came out of my right eye, i can barely breath.

'' sorry sir'' I finally say between loughs ''is just that...'' I explode into loughs again '' whoever who named you like that, is bad person''

I look at him and i can actually see the anger in his eyes and how serious his face was; I stop my loughs.

'' Detention?'' I ask.

''you will stay after school to clean the cafeteria and the bathrooms '' he said '' you may leave now, i don't like your company'' that hurt.

'' see ya Williams'' I say as I stand up of the chair to make my way out of the office.

Just in the moment i came out of the office, the bell rang, indicating it was lunch time; the hall of the school start to fill little by little; i heard some persons calling me but i ignore them. I make my way to the front yard of the school to sit underneath the tree, the same tree I sit every time before lunch time, the reason: HAVE NO IDEA.

When I reach to the front yard I saw a couple sitting underneath the tree, I didn't want to ruin their moment so i decide to sit under a next tree.

I sat under the first tree I saw, I let my bag fell on the floor fallow by me, I let my back rest on the tree as well as my head, while thinking all type of non sense that pass through my head. I put my head straight for a moment, and then i saw her.

Helena Parker, the girl that i cant get out of my mind, the girl that i been liking ( or loving) for two years. I remember the first time i saw her, she was the new girl, so in that day i was coming out of the office, and accidentally, i crash with her. When i looked into her eyes, her beautiful green ayes , a whole bunch of feelings explode inside of me, something I had never feel like that before, and that was the only time I had been so close to her, from that day I told myself, she will be mine.

But it hasn't work at all, I never had the chance to talk to her, only eye contact, and a couple of 'hi', but nothing much than that; the funny fact is that I barely had talk to her, and I love her.

I want her to be mine.

I stare at her for a moment, studying every part of her beautiful face, from her lips to her nose, and from her nose to her eyes,these were looking at a book she was reading, all her concentration were in that book, so she didn't knew I was staring at her, or I though so.

She suddenly look up to my direction, her eyes, her beautiful and shiny green eyes, connect with mine, making the butterflies in me explode.- it sound weird- I feel weak.

A smile came out of her lips, a honest and pretty smile, witch make me freeze for a moment, what should I do now?

''Stupid, smile back'' my mind told me.

I try to smile back, but it look more like a funny face than a smile, and for make it worse, I wave at her.

''WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU SEEN A GUY WAVING AT A GIRL!? You so smart'' i told to myself.

She wave back at me, i feel calm, at least she don't think I am gay or something.

I smile at her, and this time it wasn't a funny face, it was the best smile I could show, because even if she don't try to get her best smile,is the most beautiful smile you would ever see.

I know it sounds weird coming from a guy, but what can I say, I'm just in love with her. And only with one look she got me feel like this, for me, she use dome kind of magic or something.

She turn her eyes back to the book she was reading, and I keep staring at her for a while , with a stupid smile on my face of '' I'm in love and I know it''.

Suddenly, she look at me once again, and put a face of 'ok? this is getting weird'

'' awesome, you are scaring her''

I didn't know what to do (again) so I just did the same face she did, yep, I'm just going to do every move she do, in other words, copy her.

She smile, so I smile, she put a funny face, I put a funny face,she place her hands over her head, I did the same.

When ' the game' of us done, I open my mouth to say something, but...

''HELENA, HELENA!'' I heard somebody calling her so I look to a side, and I think that is her bestfriend '' I was looking for you!''
she said when she was close to her.''come'' she grab her hand "is an emergency, we have to go, NOW'' she pull her to make her walk to whatever place they are going to.

I blow hard, feeling kinda stress about it; I took my phone to check the time, 25 minutes left for lunch

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