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A snippet for a story I'm working on. Andrew gets a rude awakening in his life.

With one word, Andrew Sanders' world came to a crashing halt.
Everything in his life from the age of 11 up to now was fashioned solely for this moment in time. All the hard work he put in to get where he is today. And now, that dream, that goal, that purpose behind years of targeted devotion was gone.

"Just to clarify, this is Patrick McDonel, is it not?" Andrew texted back.

A minute later, "Yes, I'm afraid so.
Sorry to break it to you, kid."

Suddenly the room seemed darker, uncomfortably silent. Colder. The light of the late afternoon were no longer bursting through the blinds. They instead became let out the soft, muted hue of a dying day.

Andrew startled at the light of a new message. It was Mr. McDonel: "Would you like to grab a coffee tonight? We'll talk more. 6:30 okay?"

It was 5:45. After a long moment, Andrew replied, "Sure. The house on Jones Dr.?"

"You got it."

Andrew struggled to lift himself, his body aching from sustaining the same position for so long. Yet underneath the numbness he barely noticed. His mind was occupied with longing and questions. Disappointment and grief.

He had to learn more.

All Andrew ever wanted was to see his dear friend Marleen again.
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