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Breaking up isn't hard to do. But trying to get back together again can be impossible.

A Day for Love

     Pegge leaned over the flower ledge of the Living Place she shared with Hakkin. She let a pile of loose clothing fall to the ground below.

     Hakkin felt something hit him on his head. Then fall to the ground next to him. He picked it up. “This looks like some of my clothing.”

     Looking up he stepped out of the way just as a large amount of clothing almost hit him. Hakkin could barely see Pegge fifty-two levels up. All he really saw was the stars in Space through the clear dome, about a mile above Pegge, that protected them on the SpaceCity that they lived on.

     “That is my clothing.” Hakkin shouted up at Pegge. “What’s going on? Why are you trying to kill me with my own clothing?”

     Pegge screamed back down at Hakkin. They both continued doing that as they talked to each other. “You know why am doing it. I want you out of our Living Place.”

     “What did I do this time?” Pegge aimed another pile of clothing at Hakkin. And let it fall.

     “You know what you did. And I told you what would happen if it continued.”

     Hakkin stepped forward to avoid getting hit by his own clothing. “You have to be more specific. According to you I always do everything wrong.”

     “I’m talking about Lavvona. I asked you to stop seeing her.”

     “I haven’t been involved with Lavvona for years. The only reason why I have been spending so much time with her is because I have been training her on the new engine design. And that’s all that we have been doing.”

     “That’s not what I have heard. It’s been over a month. And it doesn’t matter how new the engines are. It doesn’t take that long for training. Besides, I asked you, not told you, to get out of it. There are others who could be doing it.”

     “I’m only doing it because we used to be involved. I did try to get someone else to do it. There were plenty of volunteers who wanted to do it too. But Head of the Engine Room, Bottim, insisted that I do it.”

     “We have been living as One for the past two years. And we have been intimate at least once every day since then. I can’t believe you are giving that all up – for Lavvona.”

     “Would you stop saying things like that. Not everyone on SpaceCity Sixteen needs to know about out love life. I’m coming up to talk to you about it. We can work this out. I know we can.”


     A few minutes later the Lift Box stopped floating upward when it reached the fifty-second level of that building. And Hakkin got out. He stopped in front of one of the doors about half way down that hallway. But when he swiped his hand over a small square box next to that door nothing happened.

     “You had my hand taken out of the system. Let me in right now. We need to talk about this.”

     “I don’t want to talk to you. All I want from you is for you to get out of my life once and forever.”

     “I’m not leaving until we talk.” Hakkin glance up and down that hallway. Every door there peaked open a little only to be shut quickly. A few individuals did pop their heads out. “I can’t believe you are doing this on the day before the Day for Lovers.”

     Pegge didn’t say anything for several minutes. Then she finally spoke. “I didn’t realize what day it was. I’m sorry about that. But I still want you out of my life.”


     The next day Pegge entered the Engine Room Office. After making sure no one else was in there she ran into the outstretched arms of Bottim. Pegge gave him a very passionate nibble on his neck.

     “You were right about Hakkin and Lavvona. He still doesn’t admit it. But I know they are Lovers again.”

     Meanwhile, Hakkin passed his hand over another differently colored box. But that door didn’t open either. Instead a low whistle began for about a minute. Just before it ended Lavvona opened the sliding door for him to enter her Living Place. He started lovingly pecking on her neck.

     “I don’t know how she found out. But she knows we are involved with each other again.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2075054