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by Elena
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Escape from a bloodthirsty countess

“Beautiful girl,” the countess hissed at the trembling child before her. She ran her hands along the girl’s trembling arms, her shoulders down to her


“Are you pure?” she growled, as she roughly shoved a finger inside the girl.

“Ow!” the girl yelped. “Yes, madam. I am pure.”

“Good,” the countess sneered. She took a knife and slashed the girl’s arms before sinking her teeth into the girl’s pale neck. The girl’s arms bled into a

bottle as her neck bled into the countess’s mouth. Milena hoped she would die soon.

It was a miracle the door was unlocked. The other girls she was locked in with were unconscious, and perhaps the guards thought she was too so they

didn’t bother to lock it. Maybe it was carelessness, maybe a miracle. Whatever the reason, Milena didn’t care. She fled, as quickly and quietly as she could.

Milena stumbled through the woods, trying to get as far from the castle as she could. Bleeding from both arms where the countess had cut her to have blood

to bathe in, emaciated and half naked she made her way towards the town.

“Dear Lord, give me strength to make it home,” she prayed constantly. She ripped a length of cloth from her slip to wrap around her left arm, which was

bleeding more heavily than the right. It was soon crimson red.

Finally, after staggering through the forest for hours, she arrived at her family’s hut. She knocked weakly on the door, then harder when nobody answered.

At last her father opened the door. His eyes widened in shock as he beheld the appalling condition of his only daughter.

“God in heaven, Milena!” he cried as he helped her inside. “Who did this to you?”

“The countess,” Milena answered and fainted.

Milena died the next morning. Countess Elizabeth Bathory was arrested. She was tried and sentenced to life in prison. Four years later she “died”. But

the undead don’t die. She escaped from her grave and went to London. Jack the Ripper killed for her. She then sailed to America. Have you heard of the

Zodiac Killer? Or the Highway of Tears in Canada? Those serial killers were in fact Countess Bathory, searching for young girls to keep her young and

beautiful forever.
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