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A last minute change of mind.
I'm not sure what I believe
And don't have time
Or feel the need
To rescue you
Or offer help
When I can't even
Save myself

Half my life
Drugs and alcohol
Didn't work for
Me at all
Took away all
I could see
And left down
Upon my knees

There's a noose
Swinging over there
I think I'll go
Stand in that chair
Pull that rope
Around my neck
And then I'll take
That final step

Darkness now enclosing me
Where I don't cry
And I can't bleed
Loneliness now my best friend
Shielding me from
What I don't understand

Save me , don't let me go this way
lift me up, show me better days
Save me I'm a danger to myself
Shelter me, I'm all I got left

Shine the light
Of love on me
Make it bright
So I can see
All the things
I missed before
When my eyes were closed
My thoughts ignored

Now there's a light
Shining over there
Think I'll go sit
In that chair
Cut the rope
Around my neck
And then I'll take
Another step

And I'll live
Oh God I'll really live
Yes I'll live
Oh God I'll really live
Yes I'll live.
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