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by Chand
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This will change you.
Everything is defined in this world by the ever-lasting theories and axioms of science. Philosophy, religion and societal norms do more but try to bind us within the human existence amongst people, who otherwise would have been bewildered under this seemingly rational diversity. Diversity is everything. It encompasses within it, a hoard of emotions, seemingly complex; all such emotions trying to make and feel us as human beings.

There are few things man can never know; one of them being the existence of Teoslar. JTT as he was known as, was responsible for binding human senses into a total of five numbers, and that’s all about it. He was one of the main advocators of the “Diversity” axiom, and moreover went on to fight for an extra sense (smell) and got life the “nose”. In other sentient midverses, beings did well with two or three senses. We have the novelty of not four, but five distinct senses, and therefore are much ahead of the race of living creatures, so have we been told.

Anyway, my point was that we will never be able to know about JTT, but we can definitely catch hold of JTT Junior, his son. He is also called as Teolsar. Jonathan Teoslar Trapp was his name listed as a citizen of Micronesia, but he neither looked like nor spoke Micronesian, nor was he ever found in that small island state, after hours of police searches. So, where is Teoslar, and why is everybody looking for him?

To understand my last question, and to be able to answer it, I’m afraid but you have to know things that you aren’t supposed to know. Just like nobody will tell you if Area 51 is a hoax and there is an Area 64 where US has actually captured primordial extra-terrestrial species, both plantae and Animalia type since 1999, nobody will ever tell you why everyone is looking for Teoslar. Although the explanation of Area 64 is scientific and an intelligent person like you will be able to catch up on it, no man can ever be able to understand the complex theories of what I am not trying to tell.

But my time is up, and if I don’t pass this information to you, I am afraid it will be destroyed within me, and I am not someone who likes such an idea, because this information is special. It is massive, enormous, and fills generations and scales of unimaginable dimensions, something which will make you go awe when you finally strike a chord with it. It is going to take some time to be able to narrate you the exact set of incidences which led to all this, but I will try my best to make sense.

Be patient, because sometimes, even if you are not able to believe, or decipher, just trust me, and listen.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2075222