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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2075235
A female adventurer taking her little brother for his first dungeon. What could go wrong?
Directly inspired by a mini comic by Tsukki (twitter: jackfish168)

"Elena, are you sure it is okay?"

15 years old Riku asked timidly to his 22 years old sister Elena. Both of them were standing in front of a cave.

"What are you talking about, Riku? Of course it is okay. After all, this is just a low level dungeon, and I am here with you just in case something goes wrong," Elena answered while grinning happily. She was busy tying up her long golden hair, the same color with her short haired brother, into a ponytail.

"Well, can't we do this next year? When I'm a little older?"

"Nonsense, I started almost this early, and I had no one to guide me. Besides, you've been saying 'I want to be an adventurer like you soon' almost everyday lately. Isn't this like a dream come true?" Elena's clear blue eyes showed strong determination.

"This is not exactly what I meant..."

Elena worked as an adventurer. She took quests from adventurer guild, helping people in need, subjugating dangerous monsters, or venturing into dungeons looking for weak monsters and treasures. Elena had several friends that she often formed a 'party' with, but today she took a day off and intended to help her brother tasting his first dungeon. With only 6 years of experience, Elena still had a long way ahead of her, but she was in no way weak, so she was certain that she could protect her brother in case there were some danger since it was just a low level dungeon that she had ventured into many times in the past. She was shouldering a one-handed long axe as she spoke to Riku.

"Come on, let's get started!" Elena said before smacking her brother's back hard.

"*ogh* ...okay," Riku finally said, gripping his dagger tightly.

"Show some spirit, will you? Don't worry, I am here," Elena said while bumping her fist on her white thin-metal chest plate, decorated with golden lines, with prideful expression.

Their trip was unexpectedly (contrary to Riku's expectation, anyway) went smoothly. Each time they met low-level monsters inhabiting the dungeon, Elena gave pointers to Riku, and Riku managed to defeat all of them, albeit with some difficulty.

Occasionally, several monsters came at once, and Elena fend most of them off, while still gave Riku chance to beat one of them. In a little over an hour, Riku had managed to slain over a dozen of monsters.

"*huff* *huff* That's another one down..." Riku said with heavy breath. His shirt was damp with his sweat.

The still fresh Elena grinned, saying, "you did great for your first time, Riku. I guess your 'secret' self-training really paid off"

"Uhh... You knew?" Riku's cheeks were getting red.

"Of course I do. I know that every time you got the chance, you trained with your dagger while I was not around. Do you think I would just throw you into a dungeon if I didn't know you've been training? Good job, Riku!" Elena gave him a thumbs up.

"...thanks, sis," Riku said sheepisly.

"Don't mention it. Now, let's go back to town after a short break. If any monsters came up during our return, just stay back and leave it to me, okay? You need some rest. But stay vigilant"


Unlike before, Elena walked in the front. Several monsters appeared in their return trip, but nothing that Elena couldn't handle easily. Along the way, Riku's admiration towards his sister grew even bigger than before. Not for long, they finally arrived at the entrance (or exit). Elena was eager to get out of the damp and quite suffocating cave, but something stopped her in her track. She saw something unusual near the entrance; a small purple slime, about the size of an adult's fist, trying to exit the cave unsuccessfully.

For one, the size of the slime was way smaller than your average slime in this cave, and most of them are blue, with occasional red slime appeared. Elena had never seen a purple slime in this cave before. In fact, she had only heard of such slime in high level dungeon, one that she wasn't able to venture into yet. Secondly, every dungeon that was already discovered were protected by a strong seal with the help of mages guild. The entrances were sealed so that monsters inside couldn't get out, while allowing adventurers to enter and exit whenever they want. Most monsters were repelled (feeling discomfort which made them change direction) before even coming close to the exit, thanks to the seal's effect, and those that did get close couldn't exit and then turned back, rarely ever return. But this slime was really persistent in getting out.

Elena had a bad feeling about this. There was a reason why mapping unexplored dungeons were considered as highest difficulty quest beside subjugating disaster level monsters. There was a danger of the unknown that the adventure guild recognized, both from the dungeon itself and the monsters inhabiting it. The guild always reminded its member to exercise extreme caution whenever you met something that you'd never seen before, such as the slime in front of Elena right now. Elena hesitated on what she should do. If she was alone, she would try and attack the slime, but currently she had a little brother to protect.

"What is it, Elena?" Riku, oblivious to his sister's worry, asked from behind.

Elena's mind was too occupied to answer her brother. Riku peered from behind his sister and saw the purple slime not very far in front of them.

"Oh, it is just a slime. Don't worry Elena, I'll take care of it"

"Ah, Riku! Wait!"

Riku already dashed towards the slime before Elena could stop him. The slime quickly noticed Riku and 'faced' him. Its nucleus, the core of every slime-like creature, was shining bright red, as if calculating for its next move. Riku approached the slime and swung his dagger. It was actually a good and precise attack, but...

"...What? Where is it?" Riku asked confused.

From her standing place, Elena could barely see what happened. Just before the dagger hit, the slime moved with unbelievable speed, placing itself behind Riku.

"Riku! Behind you!" Elena warned him.

As Riku turned around, the slime jumped at him, with speed significantly lower than before. But still, Riku, unable to react properly, was hit on his stomach. Groaning in pain, Riku was pushed back and fell down. As soon as Riku fell, the slime changed its target into Elena. Once again, it moved at incredible speed towards her.

"Is it going easy on Riku? Or..."

Elena's thought processing was cut by the slime's attack. Elena still only barely able to see its movement, and she took direct hit towards her armor-protected chest, with magnitude several times stronger than what Riku took. Elena was pushed back several meters, flying before skidding her back on the ground. If not for her chest plate, she would have been done for.

Coughing several times, trying to take back air that was forcefully blown out, Elena forcefully tried to stand up while trying to predict the slime's next attack. A moment later, though, she realized something and looked down. There was a visible dent from the impact on her chest plate, but that wasn't all. Something was sizzling.


The slime's acid was smeared on the armor during the impact, and it was eating on the metal. Elena quickly removed her chest plate, fearful of getting the acid on her skin. Truthfully, the slime's acid only corroded metals, but Elena didn't know this. The armor was removed at last, revealing her big breasts, covered by white undergarments which actually didn't cover much. In any other situation this would embarrass Elena, but she was facing death right now. Not trying to cover anything, she prepared for another attack.

"If I was right, then its next attack should be slower," Elena thought.

And she was right, the slime's movement became slower as it slithered closer for a second attack. Elena could predict its path and prepared her axe.

"Now!" Elena swung her axe down.

For a moment, Elena was sure it would hit the slime, but suddenly it parried the axe with incredible speed again, and continued to move as Elena was stunned, her axe digging quite deep into the cave floor. Elena only had a split second to be surprised before the slime jumped at her for the second time. But unlike before, the slime now aimed for her mouth.


Elena's yell was muffled by the slime as it forced itself inside her mouth. It then went even deeper into her throat, even as Elena's gagging reflex kicked in and tried to throw it up to no avail. Elena started to suffocate, and she went down onto her knees. A moment later, she lost her consciousness while staring blankly to the roof, still suffocating. But something weird happened as Elena felt like she was transported somewhere else. The surrounding area was pitch black. She couldn't tell which way was up-down or left-right as she felt like she was floating, and she couldn't see anything but strangely could clearly see herself. Her naked self, to be precise. However, she didn't have time to be confused nor embarrassed as a whole lot of purple goo appeared out of nowhere from the 'ground' below her. It quickly engulfed her from all sides. She didn't feel any pain nor any sensation except a slight warmth coming from the goo.

"What?! What is this?!"

Elena yelled to no one, as she couldn't see anyone nearby. Despite that, she heard a reply.

"I need you to get out of this cave"

"What?! Who are you?!"

Elena couldn't make out the voice as a man or woman. She was struggling to free herself from the goo, but the more she struggled, the more the goo covered her, and the more she lost her strength to resist. More than half of her body was already swallowed.

"...is it the slime?" Elena said as the goo pulled her down and made her laid down on it.

"I need you. I want you," the voice said again.

Elena already lost all of her strength to fight as the goo, or slime, completely swallowed her. At that moment, Elena lost her consciousness for the second time.

Meanwhile, the recovering Riku saw what happened when the slime entered her sister's mouth. She fell on her knees, seemingly in pain on suffocating, then stay motionless while starring blankly above. Riku thought something horribly wrong was going on with her sister, so bracing the pain on his stomach, Riku slowly walked towards his sister.

"Elena..." he weakly called.

No response, Elena stayed still. Riku's fear grew bigger from every step he took. Tears already started to form on the corner of his eyes when suddenly, just a few feet away from reaching Elena, she suddenly started moving again. Elena threw up the slime and it landed right in front of Riku. Its blue nucleus was pulsating slowly, the slime looked confused as Elena was coughing repeatedly. Riku, angered by the slime, yelled loudly while stabbing his dagger at the slime. The slime didn't react since it was still in a bewildered state. The nucleus shattered upon impact with the dagger, effectively killing the slime. The rest of it's body scattered everywhere as it no longer had a core to bind it together.

"That's what you get for hurting my sister!" Riku shouted at the now dead slime.

Elena, who was wiping traces of saliva around her mouth using the back of her hand seemed surprised at Riku, but soon broke into a smile. She reached for Riku's hand and yanked him closer. Unable to held his balance, Riku fell face first into two huge mounds. Elena, who was now sitting down, pushed Riku's head even further onto her breasts using her right hand.

"Aww, that's so sweet of you, Riku! So now you think you are strong enough to protect me, huh?" Elena said, teasing Riku.

"Elena! Stop it, Elena! You are going to kill me!" is what Riku wanted to say, but only muffled screams could be heard from him.

"You have to train even harder to be able to protect this sister of yours, Riku. Otherwise something bad might just happen..."

Elena licked her lips after she said that, while starring at her brother maliciously with her glinting red eyes. Still burrowed in her breasts, Riku didn't see any of those. When Elena finally released Riku, her eyes already turned back into its usual blue color.

"Help me up, will you?" Elena grinned at her brother.

Riku stood up and then helped Elena. She dusted herself and picked up her axe. When she looked back at Riku, he was averting his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Umm... Your chest..." Riku's cheek was getting red again.

"What? You want more hug?" Elena grinned while reaching for him.

"N-no, thank you!" Riku avoided her, "a-anyway, let's go back now"

Riku started to walk towards the exit, trying to hide his embarrassment. Elena just snickered at him while fondling her breast with her left hand. A moment later she stopped and followed Riku.

"By the way, sis," Riku asked at the exit, "what was that slime? Why is it so powerful?"

"I'm not sure myself, Riku. It was a high level slime, but I don't know how it got here in this dungeon. But don't worry, it was just an irregular monster, you have killed it..." Riku and Elena passed the seal easily and finally got outside. Elena, while smiling, added, "...and I will always be here"
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