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by Baker
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Life in 2016
Something was different today. It was a weekend after all. But that wasn't it. I felt like a new man. What was going on? Which side of bed did I wake up from? Making breakfast was surprisingly enjoyable. It tasted more delicious than usual too. Were my cooking skills improving? Life just felt a little different. Didn't know what it was. Everything was happening in slow motion as if time has suddenly slowed down. A busy man like me always seemed to not have any time but today I seem to have all the time in the world, which was rather disturbing. Was it divine intervention? Was this the proverbial stopping and smelling the roses? Life looked so different. Living life in the fast lane, sometimes it makes one more stressful even if there was no stress, but not today. Today was different. But what was the cause of all this? There must be some logical explanation. Then it suddenly hit me, like a ton of bricks............... I had forgotten my smartphone in the other room.
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