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by Baker
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Peer Pressure
Today was one of those days. Everything was going just fine. It was perfect. Life was just dandy. Things were going according to the plan for the first time in a while. But out of nowhere, things started going bad. Years and years of planning went down the drain in a flash. It was just chaos. Still couldn't believe how this could happen to me. I mended my ways and swore never to be lured by the devil. Because all that glitters is not gold. How could this happened all of a sudden. Everything was so calculated and well organized. It was a spectacular fall from grace. Call it peer pressure or falling off the band wagon or just plain cultural protocol. If everyone else is doing it, it doesn't mean that it's OK for me to do it as well.
Not even a single Doughnut since 2012 and then had to eat three donuts in one day, all in the name of national doughnut day!!!!
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