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by Toad
Rated: E · Outline · Mystery · #2075400
TRUE STORY: Elisa Lam meets Norman Bates at LA's most notorious hotel - The Cecil Hotel.
The following article explains the details behind the story that follows:


Here's the 'creepy' elevator video:


The circumstances surrounding Elisa Lam’s disappearance are beyond weird, which started off with her showing-up missing and then the only physical trace of her was an elevator video of her acting really strange, and it appeared she had literally fallen off the face of the earth, but they eventually found her a few weeks later, but she was dead and floating face-up in one of the hotel’s four rooftop water tanks and she was totally naked, with all of her clothing floating loose in the water tank, which the water tanks are extremely hard to get to, little-lone to dive-in for a moonlight swim, but then the Medical Examiner called it an accidental death, brought about by her supposedly being crazy, and from that, everyone that has gotten involved have been left bewildered about the whole situation, especially her parents, and it’s totally understandable why.

Everyone has missed that Norman Bates has shown-up and at LA's most notorious hotel, the Cecil Hotel, of all places, which the irony of that needs a chainsaw to cut it. The key pieces are:

1. In the elevator video, she was on the 14th floor, but her room was on the 4th floor, but we would not have known she ended-up on the 14th floor if she hadn’t hit every button on the panel, with the ONLY button not lighting-up being the 14th floor button, which that told us what floor she was on, but no one caught that the video camera angle is such that the Digital Floor Indicator on the Elevator Control Panel is too high-up to be on camera (see pics in article), which is a CLUE in of itself, since there’s absolutely no reason for that, other than to keep that off-camera intentionally.

2. The elevator video starts-off with the door of the elevator closed, then it opens and Elisa enters, then the door is stuck open and won't close and Elisa starts acting funny, eventually stepping into the corridor, then she goes back into the elevator and she hits all of the buttons, then she steps out into the corridor again, just outside of the elevator, and she makes several funny hand gestures and it looks like she’s talking to someone, which she is, she’s talking to Norman, who had just shown-up to ‘help’ her with her problem of being stuck on the 14th floor but since Norman was the one who supplied the police the video to begin with, he didn’t include the first few minutes of the ordeal, he only showed us the last portion, about 3 minutes worth. The portion where she is taken-up to the 14th floor, that part was left-out and the police NEVER looked themselves, they accepted what Norman gave them and never looked themselves, but that's what happens EVERYTIME when they KNOW the PERP personally and they don't think they could ever do anything like that, they will believe anything the person says, which happens way too often.

3. Elisa was TAKEN to the 14th floor by the elevator, she did not go there of her own FREE WILL, and she went there from either the 1st or 4th floor, when she was either going-up to her room on the 4th floor from the 1st floor or she was going down to the 1st floor from the 4th floor, but instead of going where she wanted to go, she ended-up on the 14th floor instead and the elevator wouldn’t budge, and what has eluded everyone is the missing 1-to-5 minutes of video of her going to the 14th floor, then wandering around outside of the elevator afterwards. We only got to see the portion that shows her coming back into the elevator to try to get it to ‘go’ and her subsequent other attempts at solving the problem, to include avoiding the censors that keep the door open, which looked really weird, like she was hiding from a poltergeist, but we did get to see her counting on her fingers to Norman in the corridor, which is what outs Norman as being present, since you only count on your fingers, like she was, when explaining a ‘list-of-things’ to someone else, and in that situation, she was explaining to Norman what all she did to try to get the elevator to ‘go’ and since Norman had the door of the elevator ‘stuck’ on a timer, he needed to get Elisa away from it within that timeframe, which he did, then the elevator door closed and she was trapped on the 14th floor with Norman Bates and his room should be on the 14th floor and he should be able to control the elevator from the computer in his room, as well as having full access to ALL surveillance cameras from his computer in his room. So if he lives on the 14th floor, then he put the elevator on a 60 second hold, then he left to go collect his prize and he should have 'captured' her before the end of those 60 seconds.

4. Elisa’s parents showing-up AND so fast AND getting the police involved too AND Elisa outing the 14th floor as where she was last seen, by hitting all of the buttons on the Control Panel, those events are what forced Norman to deposit Elisa on the roof of the hotel, instead of somewhere else outside the hotel, like he USUALLY did, since there was no way she could have gotten out of the hotel, from the 14th floor, without showing-up on camera, so Norman had to plant her on the roof, it was the only logical place she could show-up. None of the rest of the victims ever had parents showing-up asking where their daughter was, nor the police, then with the release of the video, that sealed the deal. Elisa had to show-up on the roof, it was the only viable location for her to show-up. Then, with the missing footage on the video, that’s what’s kept everyone from catching a Serial Stalker/Rapist/Killer showing-up, yet the video is what caught him, thanks to what-all Elisa did, and everyone missed it simply because of the MISSING beginning portion of the video that we did not get to see, and all because Norman did not include that portion in the copy of the video that he handed-over to the police.

5. When Norman planted Elisa in the water tank, it was several days after he had ‘acquired’ her and since time of death needed to be close to when she disappeared and since that was impossible to hide completely, since he kept her alive for several days after 'acquiring' her, Norman needed to hide her time of death the best he could, so Elisa couldn’t show-up too soon or time of death could be better determined and it would have been several days after she disappeared that he put her in the water tank, so she needed to be found several weeks later, that way the exact time of death could not be determined and by putting her in the water tank, that kept her from being found long enough for the time of death to not be certain, plus, Norman needed it to look NATURAL, so when he planted Elisa in the water tank, she was STILL ALIVE, that way her death would be from drowning/hypothermia and it would look like a natural death, but as Elisa was treading water, she knew death was just around the corner and she also knew Norman left no clues, so she took off her clothes, so as to confuse the scene, but no one caught that Elisa left a clue as to who did it. She was a SMART GIRL! Also, to put Elisa in the water tank, Norman accessed it from above, he did not come from below using a ladder or anything, he simply came in from the roof just above the tanks, that are shown in these pictures:

Look at the firefighter standing on the pipe here:


Then look at why?


There’s another ROOF just above the water tanks, that Norman lowered Elisa from.

Therefrom, it’s without a doubt that whoever made the copy of the surveillance video is who killed Elisa Lam, since there is OBVIOUS MISSING FOOTAGE from MOMENTS EARLIER that OUTS THE KILLER, which that then points to the LIVE-IN Hotel Manager or Owner, with the Maintenance Man and Night Clerk being last on the list of suspects, if they lived at the hotel and the Manager or Owner didn’t do it. Plus, Elisa isn’t his first victim, she is just ONE of his MANY female victims that have passed-thru the Cecil Hotel, traveling ALONE, but she was the first to have her family and police all-up Norman’s butt just after acquiring a victim, just like in the movie Psycho: young female; traveling alone; cute as a button; and there were Head Meds in her luggage and Norman had access to ALL rooms. It was just like the movie Psycho, yet the cops can't solve it?

I get to play the part of the Private Investigator in the movie that outs the little turd.

Call me Toad PI ... so move over Tom Selleck, there’s a new PI in town. *Cool*

Ribbit *BigSmile*

Ps: As of the writing of this story, Norman is STILL on the loose, so I do not recommend going anywhere near the Cecil Hotel until after Norman is apprehended by the STUPID cops/pigs! They won't listen so I'm writing the story and going public, it's the ONLY answer when the cops won't listen, to include the FBI. I'm hoping someone will be able to get their ATTENTION, because I sure can't!!!!!
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